Beaumarchais the Scoundrel

1996 [FRENCH]

Adventure / Comedy / History / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Fresh70%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled57%
IMDb Rating6.8101358

france18th century

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by archaguy10 / 10


Maybe, you have to be French-speaking to really appreciate the movie but it is simply wonderful. All the wit of Beaumarchais through the words of Guitry: what can you ask for more. And Fabrice Luchini is simply wonderful. I am sure that Sacha Guitry would have appreciated seeing the movie made from his « inédit ». To been seen regularly or whenever you feel blue.

Reviewed by dbdumonteil4 / 10

Molinaro, the scatterbrained

"Beaumarchais, l'insolent" is definitely a disappointment. First, by reading the title, you could have thought that the movie would embrace Beaumarchais' whole life: from his childhood until his death. Well, it's not the case. It only focuses on the most important part of Beaumarchais' life. The one that takes place between 1775 and 1785. During this era, Beaumarchais was an extraordinary character. Not only, was he a great French writer, but he used to have several other jobs. For example, he was a spy for the king, supporter of the Human Rights (he took part in the writing of the Declaration of Independence).

Unlike to Ariane Mouchkine's movie called "Molière", here, the movie hasn't got the precision and the brilliance of the making and especially the Beaumarchais' lucid and visionary look on the society of the eighteenth century. Moreover, the screenplay only retains the most famous sequences and cues from Beaumarchais' full life.

On another hand, Molinaro had a wrong idea by making nearly all great French actors appear in one movie. Indeed, you only see them for a few minutes (sometimes a few seconds!) and generally in decorative and minor roles that don't bring anything to the movie, notably Alain Chabat. Among these actors, some of them are more specialized in comic films. So, the transition from a comic movie to an historic movie fits badly for them.

At last, the movie tries more or less to introduce a certain humor but this one doesn't articulate very well with the sequences. So, it turns out to be pointless and vain.

At the end, this is a low-key biography where you could have wished more contribution and harshness.

Reviewed by Sylviastel10 / 10

Must be seen to appreciated!

I remember when I first heard and saw this film. It was June 1996 and I was flying Air France to spend seven weeks in the Loire Valley of France and a week in Paris which was a lifelong dream. I still yearn to go back there. On the flight back then we did not have personal screens like we do now, we had one screen and one film, not like today where we have many to choose from. Anyway, this film was on route from Newark to Paris. It was glorious memory and uplifting every step of the way. I just loved the music, the sound, the language, the costumes, and you just felt wonderful after watching it. Going to France fulfills the dream. My last day in Paris, I visited Pere Lachase Cemetery not for Jim Morrison but I paid my respects to Beaumarchais' family plot as well.

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