1976 [SPANISH]

Drama / Horror

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Nadiuska Photo
Nadiuska as Basilisa
Carmen Sevilla Photo
Carmen Sevilla as Doña Carlota
Jorge Rivero Photo
Jorge Rivero as Fray Ángel
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Reviewed by ma-cortes5 / 10

This eerie and strange film is essentially recommended to the Spanish offbeat movie fans

Rare and outlandish film based on two stories by prestigious writer Ramón del Valle-Inclán (stories "Beatriz" and "Mi hermana Antonia") . This is a thrilling and dramatic account of a rare family formed by a higher-class woman (Carmen Sevilla) and her children Beatriz (Sandra Mozarowsky) and Juan (Óscar Martín) . And the maid (Nadiuska) who advised by a witch , Saludadora , (Elsa Zabala) , how to save her sick baby she goes through live in abyss as well as chaos . Soon after , there shows a mysterius monk (Jorge Rivero) and things go wrong . At the end the mansion is invaded by the band of Lorenzo El Quinto led by El Rata (as José Ruiz Lifante) who carry out a violent night carnaval , they amuse themselves during a wild party with unexpected and fateful consequences . Outlandish film plenty of drama , thrills , withchery , violent events , necromancy and possession in ¨The Exorcist¨style . The cast is frankly good , but all of them give average interpretations . The picture takes of Ramón Del Valle Inclán the religious , sensual and diabolic elements . Amazing scenes at the final when some vagabond men go on a binge of drink , brawls , and rape , walking towards their own perdition for the disaster caused in a night of partying . These scenes are heavily influenced by ¨El Bosco¨ paintings and Bodegon with buffons of ¨El Triunfo De Baco¨ by Velazquez as well as the last dinner from ¨Viridiana¨by Luis Buñuel . The environments are fully achieved by the prestigious cameraman Carlos Suarez , director's brother , and his usual photographer , with attractive scenes when the protagonists walking through the forests . Shot on location in Pazo de Tor, San Xoán de Tor, Monforte de Lemos, Lugo, Galicia, Spain . The atmosphere is well developed , including the Atlantic woods , and dark as well as rainy surroundings . Direction by Gonzalo Suarez is acceptable , though middiling , at times ; however , he shows his skill for edition , realizing long shots with characters who Gonzalo moves easily and including some eerie scenes . Gonzalo Suarez was born in Asturias , he is a good craftsman who has directed several films from the 60s . He excelled at bringing to life tautly written tales about strange characters facing difficult circumstances and dealing with thought-provoking , brooding stories . Throughout his career he regularly alternated hits with misses . He has stylistic trademarks , but also been criticized for his slow-moving films , though his best flicks remain exciting to watch . Among his most important pictures , mostly dramas , are the following : Oviedo Express , 1994 The detective and death , 1992 La Reina Anónima , 1991 Don Juan en Infiernos ,1988 Rowing with the wind , 1984 Epílogo ,1977 Parranda , 1977 Reina Zanahoria , 1976 Beatriz , 1975 La Regenta , 1974 La Loba y la Paloma .

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