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Reviewed by vampyrecowboy4 / 10

Root for the bear

A story of 4 people trapped inside a van in a forest with a bear that surrounds them.

Basic story - nothing in depth and no major effects.

It's a bit of a bore in fact. I however found myself rooting for the bear to tear them all to shreds.

In the credits there are "extras" and "extras casting" however, there are no extras in the film so why is it even listed? There is another movie - much the same - entitled The Bear and it's almost the same if you see this, you don't need to see that - and if you see that, you don't need to see this.

Another fact - the middle of the forest at night time is very bright for some reason.

Reviewed by BA_Harrison3 / 10

Un-bear-a…. umm… not good.

I generally love 'killer animal' films, but when the characters in peril are as thoroughly unlikeable as they are in Bear, it's hard not to side with the wild animal, willing it on to clamp its jaws or land its claws on the terrified human fodder. The frightened foursome in this film includes an adulteress, two recovering drug addicts/alcoholics, and a businessman who is being investigated for corruption, all of whom bicker and fight at every opportunity. So when they are attacked by a grizzly while on their way to a family gathering, it's really hard to feel any sympathy for them, particularly considering that it was their own stupidity that got them into the situation in the first place.

Even as these victims cower in fear while the bear figures out a way to prise them from their car, they continue to argue with each other, their guilty secrets eventually coming to the fore, at which point the film plays like a crappy soap opera—albeit one with a big, hairy, man-eating animal on the rampage. Unfortunately, said big, hairy, man-eating animal rarely looks all that threatening, even resembling a man in a moth-eaten bear costume at times, which doesn't exactly help the tension. I'd like to say that the film is at least be good for a laugh, but it isn't. Avoid.

Reviewed by IDTooLong4 / 10


What can I say? This movie starts out good but after 45 minute it turns into a movie full of flaws. The camera-work was troublesome from the start but one could look over that since it's obviously a low budget film. The acting started out good, the tension was build up nicely, the plot was convincing but for some strange reason all kind of weird flaws popped up halfway trough. Main problem with the movie is botchy filmmaking. The viewer is pulled out of the movieworld and confronted with behind the scenes stuff like seeing some of the film-crew and inconsistent environments. This was totally preventable and shows how lazy this movie was put together. But that isn't the only problem: the plot also turns into laughable trash that is best suited as snooze material than an actual horror movie that pumps up the adrenaline. Maybe it was just me but I noticed that the actors involved couldn't squeeze out some of the absurd lines convincingly in the second half of he movie. This movie is not really interesting unless you're suffering from insomnia. 4/10

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