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Reviewed by doorsscorpywag1 / 10

Utter rubbish!

To start with there is no 'Battalion' it's just a few people milling around aimlessly. The uniforms look as if they were purchased from a Poundland store and nobody looks the slightest bit military. If these people are the best we have in an alien invasion then we deserve to be wiped out.

Special effects were pretty poor acting was worse ....far worse . Possibly just people who were passing during filming and were given a part.

Script was non existent and I may have missed something important as I did use the FF button a bit.

The jumping back and forth was done better in 'Alienate' and that movie was utter bilge as well. The final scene was laughable.

If this movie cost more than a tenner to make then they wasted their money.

Reviewed by bemyfriend-4018410 / 10


I know! I know! Everyone else hated this film. I loved it. I won't pretend it's Gone With the Wind, or Casablanca or even Star Wars. But I liked how they showed a small group of Marines; and what happens to them. At first, they are dedicated and disciplined. Gradually, the hopelessness of the war degrades their discipline, and their minds. I'm sure the Vietnam war had similar stories. Catch-22 and Apocalypse Now both tried to capture that hopeless depression and mental breakdown. Then, because we love heroes, our Marines rally to save the day. I gave it ten; because that's how much I liked it.

Reviewed by Woodyanders8 / 10

Thrilling alien invasion opus

A squad of U. S. marines take a stand against a horde of evil alien invaders in the South Pacific.

Writer/director Michael Miller relates the gripping story at a brisk pace, takes time to develop the characters, maintains a grimly serious take-no-prisoners tone throughout (there are a surprisingly large number of characters who get killed in this movie),and stages the exciting action with skill and flair. Moreover, the acting by the game no-name cast is pretty decent, with especially commendable contributions from Jesse Richardson as the likeable John Blake, Ellen Williams as the eager Tracey Gleeson, Michael Thomson as the hard-nosed Chris Jackson, James Storer as the spunky Pete Dreyfus, Leigh Walker as the pragmatic Major Atkins, and Katie Anderson as the sassy Jackie Lewis. The way the tough battle against the aliens breaks down morale amongst the marines gives this picture a substantial amount of additional dramatic punch. A cracking good film.

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