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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen4 / 10

As to be expected from a third movie...

A third and final foray into the madness that started in 1982 with Duane and Belial Bradley. But with a slumping sequel, odds are not in favor of this third installment.

It should be said that "Basket Case 3" continues on in the footsteps of "Basket Case 2" and showcases the monstrous freaks from that one, just going a step further and also introduces baby Belials and some other new freaks. So if you enjoyed part 2 then you will also enjoy part 3. However, the detour that parts 2 and 3 took from the original idea of part 1 is not really my cup of tea, so I am not much fan of the sequels. I think they went overboard with the freaks in part 2 and as such then I am not much fan of how they continued on with that in part 3.

The story in the third installment of the "Basket Case" series takes the freaks on a journey to the south where they are seeking out a doctor to help the family. However, when Belial's spawn of monstrous offspring is kidnapped by unlawful police officers, the family rises up to reclaim what is rightfully theirs.

"Basket Case 3" didn't really tickle me in the right places, not after what I had witnessed in part 2, so it wasn't an outstanding movie for me. But for fans of the second movie, then this third movie will surely be a blast.

The effects were adequate enough, surely an improvement of what was seen in the first two movies. But again, the freaks in both parts 2 and 3 are just too far out there for my liking.

As for the acting, well you know what you are in for if you have watched parts 1 and/or 2 already. It is adequate enough acting for the genre and the type of movie that this is. Just don't hold your breath in hopes of being in for a grand Shakespearian experience.

Now that I have finally gotten around to finish the trilogy I can check them off the to-watch-list, but chances are slim to none that I will actually sit down to watch any of them, even part 1, a second time around. Why? Well, because they just didn't really impress me that much.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca5 / 10

Better than the second

The third and thankfully last of Frank Henenlotter's BASKET CASE trilogy. I've watched all three recently; the first was a semi-decent and gory B-movie with grindhouse overtones, but the second descended into high camp and had no discernible storyline. The third starts out like the second, kicking off with the various freaks from the second film going on a cross-country bus trip due to the impending birth of Belial's child.

It's as bad as it sounds, and completely ridiculous. Henenlotter wallows in the cheesy costumes and absurdity of the situation, but it's not enough to make this a decent film. However, around the second half of the film, things begin to pick up. It all starts with a strong, TERMINATOR-inspired rampage at a police station which recalls the grisly horror of the original movie, and from that point in it bears much in comparison with the first film in the series which is a definite good thing.

This is certainly no classic, but seeing Belial in full-on monster mode is a lot of fun and it's almost as if Henenlotter decided to go back to his roots. It's not perfect, but then when is B-movie film-making ever fun? One of the biggest problems in the second and third films is Kevin Van Hentenryck's nominal lead, Duane. Once his secret is out in the open after the first movie, he becomes the dullest character imaginable and nothing can change that. Never mind - at least Belial is a bad guy again!

Reviewed by kosmasp5 / 10

Not all third times are a lucky charm

Even if this has a bigger budget than at least the first one, I wouldn't say it is better than that - and surely not better than the second one, which is the best of the bunch. What I did like watching all of them in one go: they build up on each other. While the first one seemed to be a one shot/off, it turned out it could do more damage than expected.

And while we had monsters getting it on (yes you read that right) and had the brothers trying to figure out their issues ... this adds a lot more family to the mix than one could expect/hope for. Depending on your feelings towards these ... freaks, the ending will either satisfy or annoy you ... Overall a decent effort and a "neat" conclusion.

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