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Anya Taylor-Joy as Charlotte
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Ashley Judd as Ann Dunham
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Linus Roache as Bill Baughman
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Jenna Elfman as Kathy Baughman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by RosanaBotafogo8 / 10

Fofy, idol, passionate...

How cute, I'm suspicious because I love Obama .... But I really admire Michelle, Charlotte represents all the college girlfriends, interesting representativeness... Cool to see the human side of deified people as idols, especially if as a person she is super cute like Barack ... Fofy, idol, passionate...

Reviewed by 8512229 / 10

Fascinating and a great character study movie

Greetings from Lithuania.

"Barry" (2016) caught my by surprise. I didn't expect that this biopic about president Barack Obama early years in USA will be this good. I was highly involved into the story (i wonder how much of it is true) due to good script, confident directing and amazing lead performance.

I'm not a big fan of politics, and i'm not even from USA, but we all know Barack Obama's personality (as much it is possible to know from seeing interviews and etc) so here is the thing - the performance by Devon Terrell (a newcomer in his first acting role ever!) is a thing of beauty. If this movie would have reached big screen, i'm sure it would have been at least nominated for some Golden Globe - at least. He perfectly captured Obama - in my opinion. Others were OK, but this is a character study biography movie - and it centers on one character.

Overall, "Barry" is a great little character study biopic drama. Its pacing is slow and there isn't really much happens during the movie, but this is a biopic after all, and a fascinating one.

Reviewed by Thanos_Alfie7 / 10


"Barry" is a Biography - Drama movie in which we watch the former U.S. President Barack Obama on his early life when he arrived at New York to study Law. He faces some difficulties during that time but also creates some friendships and relationships.

I have to admit that I was expecting it very different and boring but it was far better than this. It had a simple but interesting plot that was never boring, with a nice direction which was made by Vikram Gandhi. The interpretation of Devon Terrell who played as Barry (Barack Obama),it was very good and he succeeded on making us understand the character of Barry but also of the later president of U.S. Barack Obama. Another interpretation that has to be mentioned was Anya Taylor-Joy who played as Charlotte and she was also very good. To sum up, I have to say that "Barry" is a nice movie about Barack Obama and I recommend it but I have also to admit that I was expecting to show also some other aspects of Barack Obama, something that did not happen.

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