Barbie in a Mermaid Tale


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Shannon Chan-Kent Photo
Shannon Chan-Kent as Deandra
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Kelly Sheridan as Merliah
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Emma Pierson as Kayla
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Nicole Oliver as Calissa
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by diejj8 / 10

Lovely Vivid Barbie Story as we know them

So we meet Barbie here in a new design or at least..her looks changed a bit..In some ways an improvement, in others (like the part she looks a bit like she's crossed-eyed or something) there are some parts to become better..Though... we were prepared, already in Barbie thumbelina you can see a change of graphics, and in Barbie and the three musketeers they're nicely preparing you for Barbie's changes. The graphics and animations overall were outstanding. The colors are really vivid and underwater are used all different kinds of blue.

*There is a tiny possibility that one may find the following information a spoiler, though personally I see it more as objective nothing revealing about the storyline review*

Of Course Kelly Sheridan has provided her voice to Barbie, here Merliah. The story is a bit cliché, but hey, its Barbie, it would be interesting when the story is Not a cliché. Barbie movies always are in some ways inspired by other already existing stories, here you could find some Disneys Second Movie about The Little Mermaid parts. Nevertheless I really enjoyed watching the movie, the music is nice with the catchy 'Queen of the Waves'song. Of course also this time Barbie is accompanied with some cute talking friends, a pink dolphin and a little seal.

I loved how the mermaid world is worked out with the malls, the mermaids and the high level of fashion you may not expect under water with something so in-practical as a long tail.

I thought the movie was really nice, also for older people...I'm 17..the story contains nice parts, I watched with my little girl-next-door of 6 years old and she totally loved it.

At last I have to say that I liked the little pun in the title choosing for Barbie in Mermaid tale instead of Story because one pronounces tale in the same way as tail ..and let the whole thing be that Barbie goes Mermaid here :)....

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird7 / 10

Nice movie

I have made no secret of liking the Barbie movies, they are not perfect and none of among my favourite movies, but they are cute and have a sense of fun. A Mermaid Tale is no exception. The animation is really lovely, beautiful colours and gorgeous underwater sequences, and the music is catchy. The dialogue has its corny parts but is generally sweet and has its heart in the right place, the story is on the clichéd and rushed side but again it means well and is charmingly told and the characters while not much different from characters in other Barbie movies are still likable, especially Merliah's cute little friends. The voice work is still going strong, with Kelly Sheridan continuing to grow and very engaging throughout. All in all, not one of my favourite Barbie movies, but very nice all the same. 7/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by AnnaPagrati10 / 10


Hear me out. This film is not your classic Barbie film. But. It is truly my favorite one. The storyline is like the most interesting out of every film in the franchise. I've watched this like a zillion times, I haven't been bored ONCE. Adore it!

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