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Taryn Manning Photo
Taryn Manning as Sage Rion
Christian Campbell Photo
Christian Campbell as John Larch
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Genelle Williams as Brenna
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Michael Lombardi as Oliver 'Fitz' Fitzgerald
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nfoutz7 / 10

Good action thriller of night life in a big city

An action thriller that both men and women will enjoy which was written (Kirsten Elms) and directed (Kari Skogland) by women. There are car chases, sadism, murder and a bit of gore. Several car chases for the guys and a couple of guys kicked in the groin for the women. A visually good looking film made for TV (in Canada). It certainly looks better than most Hollywood big budget films. The list of actors is unfortunately incomplete at this time. One character actor who really wowed me was the middle age woman who owned the big house: she was delicious in her delivery. The casting was excellent; I had never seen any of the actors before but will certainly follow their work from now on.

Reviewed by seoxys10 / 10

Great thriller with a great surprise for electronic music lovers!

This was a really positively surprising movie. I had low expectation for this, expecting it to be a movie about boosting cars, but I was really positively surprised.

While you can clearly see it's moderate to low budget, you can clearly see that every single cent was well used, and the outcome is really great, especially when taking the budget into consideration.

The movie was very well cast, although you won't see any big names.

A great surprise for electronic music lovers: you get to see the most amazing DJ gear ever, and what is being done with it, although psychotically sadistic, is very creative and very cool! The results are just amazing and make for some amazing music.

The only thing I dislike is the end, which could have been better. It was too predictable, and had a big lack in action. But it was also probably more realistic and true-to-life.

Reviewed by gridoon20236 / 10

Pretty good female-driven action thriller

I didn't know much about Taryn Manning before watching "Banshee", but this film turned me into a fan. She is a perfect fit for her character here - and it's not an easy character: she has to play edgy, tough, confident, seductive, wounded, scared. It's a believable (Manning actually has real-life kickboxing background) and layered performance. Her bond with the rookie cop who's a bit in over his head (Mike Lombardi) develops in an unforced way. As for the serial killer, he's a very twisted nutcase with fairly original quirks (he likes to record the terrified screams of his victims). The film was written by a woman, directed by a woman, and starring a woman, and its pro-feminist philosophy is evident. But it also works on the more superficial "action thriller" level - there is some very good stunt driving at the start. If you're a Taryn Manning fan, you must see this; if you're not, you'll probably become one. **1/2 out of 4.

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