Bad Hair Day


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Laura Marano as Monica
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Mike Paterson as Impound Clerk
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Kiana Madeira as Sierra
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jonathanrspalding8 / 10

Better than average DCOM

DC had been promoting this movie for a long time. Disney movies are often hit or miss and if you are not an eleven year old girl they often are not enjoyable. However, I thought this movie was very good for TV.

The plot was generally believable. The two main characters were well acted and had a great chemistry. The movie was well written and the plot was more solid than most kid movies. Also the villain was believable as a real criminal. The banter between the kid and cop actually was funny and kept me watching a rather formulaic cop/kid movie.

The movie should have ended about five minutes sooner than it did, but it had less of the sappiness that most DCOMs have. The movie reminded me more of the old, old Disney movies from the 60's and 70's such as That Darn Cat, which I think it is a good thing.

Hence, if nothing better is on I would recommend it for watching one of the five hundred times they play it in the next year.

Reviewed by mdoherty-239-6752999 / 10

Fun, smart, sassy, family friendly

Fun, fast, empowering, emotional for all ages to enjoy. Specifically like how they tackled stereotypes ( prom queen but also tech savvy, male nurses, self image) without losing the comedic side. Laura Marano and Leigh Allen Baker were a fabulous team with amazing comedic timing. My 2 kids, myself, and husband all sat and watched it together and really enjoyed it. Any movie that can keep the family together gets my 2 thumbs up. They've already asked if we can watch it again. Most Disney Channel movies are fluffy and I can barely tolerate....not this one. There were car chases for my son, prom dresses for my daughter, and tons of laughs for the adults. The music was great too. Well done Disney!

Reviewed by bkoganbing4 / 10

One stupid pawnbroker

A teen looking for approval and a disgraced cop are forced to work together to recover a missing necklace, catch a notorious jewel thief and save this cop's job. Laura Marano of Austin&Ally and Leigh-Alyn Baker of Good Luck Charlie make the unlikely partners in Bad Hair Day. By the way said day is also the day of the senior prom where Marano desperately wants to be prom queen.

This film is the first of Disney's offerings to its teen and adolescent market. Laura Marano is not too different from her Austin&Ally character of a good kid who wants approval be it audience or peer. As for Baker she's got some good comic ability in her which was often on display in Good Luck Charlie.

Christian Campbell plays the international jewel thief and he looks like he was having a good time taking small bites from the furniture. One thing totally spoiled it for me. The story has Campbell losing possession of the valuable necklace that Baker was supposed to be guarding and Marano winds up with in a roundabout fashion. It gets to her because someone pawned it. I have to tell you that when that necklace came to the pawn shop it must have been one stupid pawnbroker who got it. I can't believe he thought it was costume jewelry and let Marano have it. In real life he'd either go broke or be laughed out of the business.

Still sub par though it is Bad Hair Day has its amusing moments.

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