Bad Day on the Block


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Charlie Sheen as Lyle Wilder
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Reviewed by tarbosh220006 / 10

A.K.A. Under Pressure

This is one of Charlie "Charles" Sheen roles. Other "Charles" movies are "Five Aces", "Postmortem", and "Free Money". It was enjoyable. He played a good psycho. His fireman character is the male version of Glenn Close in "Fatal Attraction". He didn't turn sentimental in the end, "Charles" is "in charge" of acting insane.

Thankfully he's usually on screen, but when's he not, the movie suffers. Overall it's another good Sheen flick.

Another classic Sheen flick is the action-packed "Terminal Velocity" and who can forget his unforgettable portrayal of Skydiving instructor Ditch Brodie in that film?

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Reviewed by Brad K.6 / 10

Charlie Sheen's convincing, mildly frightening performance lifts film to above average.

In Bad Day on the Block (also known as Under Pressure) Charlie Sheen (Platoon, Hot Shots) finally took a role which I had wanted to see him play, a psycho. Sheen plays a hero firefighter who loses it after his wife leaves him. So he decides to terrorize his neighbors, a happily married couple with two children. Sheen plays the psycho role well, though he's not too scary because it's Charlie Sheen. The film isn't bad, though it has some stupid things, for example, the family is scared to death of him and he's just broken into their house, but they leave the little daughter downstairs alone. The film also suffers from the acting of the two kids, both are poor. The climax is kind of cool, with Russian Roulette being the game of choice.

Reviewed by michellemybell10 / 10

Mr. Sheen portrayed a man who lost it, extremely well; very gripping and almost demon like.

Charlie Sheen gave an excellent performances of a man who snaps and vents his anger on the neighbors. I would highly recommend this movie to anyone who likes realistic horror type films. This is believable, because people snap everyday and who knows what your neighbor might do...

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