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Reviewed by nogodnomasters4 / 10

Never mix robbery and murder

In Philadelphia, O.T. (Dave Patten) and Jerome (Black Deniro) rob the son of the local mafia. They end up killing his girlfriend, as the son (Dominic Costa) recovers and is nursed at home. Philadelphia, being such a small town, O.T.'s girlfriend Denise (Emily McKinley Hill) is Dominic's personal nurse and she is also wearing the dead girl's watch.

Yes, the writing was awkward for the discovery. This leads to the mafia having revenge, and then Jerome escalating the violence. So the robber, which was initially the antagonist, becomes the protagonist because it is Philadelphia.

If you notice the outdoor scenery, it was mostly a treeless bleak season, with no snow. Other scenes are green and another scene has a foot of snow plowed along the side of the street. No care was taken to make sure seasons looked the same. As Ed Wood would say, "who will notice?"

Tony Devon doesn't say "kapish" as well as Joe Pesci.

In spite of all the shortcomings and the plot had holes, the film had character which might attract a small audience.

Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity. Strippers with their clothes on.

Reviewed by Top_Dawg_Critic5 / 10

Overly ambitious novice indie film that I couldn't hate even with its many flaws

Overly ambitious novice writer, director, producer and actor Dave Patten wore many hats in his basically first full length feature film, and although it had many flaws, I have to commend his efforts.

This is a B-grade independent film with C & B list actors. The main leads acted very well, but the mobsters were overboard and cliched. The score was decent in certain parts, but terrible in others. The editing was bad. The directing was primarily decent, but the shaky camera shots were dizzying and annoying. The writing was actually fairly decent, but still had its plot and pacing issues.

I couldn't love this film, but I couldn't hate it either in knowing its a novice low budget indie production, as I've seen much worse bigger productions.

I'm the 6th review and 4/5 (10's) are clearly fake - sad to see the producers feel the need to do that, and the other 1/10 review is undeserving. The current rating of 5.9 is about right, nothing higher and not below a 5/10. I'm giving this a 5/10 that may have been a 6/10 had I not been annoyed by the fake 10/10 reviews.

Reviewed by disdainisme1 / 10

WOW just WOW

First of all any of the 10 ratings must be the mothers of the Actors.

This was dreadful. The acting, dialogue, the script, the way the actors even enter the scene is so poorly done. As soon as I saw the "nurse" which is about 10 minutes in I knew the entirety of the film and I was right - the sad part is I had to endure the worst movie of my life to satisfy my curiosity. I laughed so many times followed up seconds later by a cringe. So bad

Skip this and I promise you will thank me. If you do not you will ruin your day/night.

0 stars

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