Baby Rex - Der kleine Kommissar

1997 [GERMAN]

Comedy / Crime

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Reviewed by Horst_In_Translation4 / 10

Cute dogs, but that's it

"Baby Rex - Der kleine Kommissar" is an Austrian German-language movie from almost 20 years ago that runs for approximately 90 minutes. If you come from Germany and are not too young, then I am 100% sure you have heard about the fairly famous German crime series "Kommissar Rex", in which a Viennese cop solves crimes with his colleagues, but mostly with the help of his dog. And this film here is the baby version somehow. There is a crime story and there are cute dogs, especially to me as I like the breed in here, but this film has very little significance and memorability as a whole. The child actor was not that good and, in his favor, the grown-ups weren't much better. Luckily for us, Christine Neubauer, who I consider one of Germany's most overrated actresses, does not have too much screen time, even if she plays the female character with the biggest role I guess. And another problem with this film is that it makes the police look completely stupid all the time and that is just really bad looking at how this film is a spin-off from a series that focuses on police work. Taking this together with some very random plot twists and the fact that the whole case with everything it included does not make sense and is not very interesting, this turns out a very forgettable movie. Also nothing you would want your kids to see. Interestingly enough, the director here is Oliver Hirschbiegel ("Downfall", "The Experiment"),one of the most successful German filmmaker in the last two decades who also got kind of famous abroad. You can't really blame him for this film becoming a disappointment. Maybe he should have written the script instead and then "Baby Rex" would have delivered in terms of more than just cuteness. I don't recommend the watch.

Reviewed by hamilton_and_me10 / 10

Good movie

I know everyone is different on what they like and don't like but IMO I think this was a very good movie.

I think it was amazing what they taught Rex to do when he was still a puppy as well as when he was an adult dog. Must had been very good dog trainers to teach a puppy to do all the things he did in this movie. I wish they had made some sequels with this same dog.

Others think the acting could had been better but I don't think any dog could had did any better job acting especially when they are a puppy so I rated a 10 because of the great job Rex did and for the heartwarming story of how Rex helped the boy.

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