Aurora Teagarden Mysteries Dead Over Heels: An Aurora Teagarden Mystery


Crime / Mystery

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Lexa Doig Photo
Lexa Doig as Sally Allison
Ellie Harvie Photo
Ellie Harvie as Lillian Tibbett
Candace Cameron Bure Photo
Candace Cameron Bure as Aurora Teagarden
Marilu Henner Photo
Marilu Henner as Aida Teagarden
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by LittleStorpingInTheSwuff7 / 10

A fun movie to watch

A lot of reviewers seem to forget that these mystery movies are Hallmark productions, which probably means low budget. Don't expect a Kate Hepburn performance from the leading lady! Another common complaint is that the movies don't follow the book. Well, duh! How many movies based on books actually follow the book? And they also forget that is based on a 'cozy' mystery, meaning lighthearted (well, lighter than usual) murder mystery.

If you view this movie as a stand alone and don't try to compare it with a book, it's an enjoyable murder mystery without tons of blood and gore. The acting isn't world class, but it isn't intended to be. Remember, it's a Hallmark movie, not a mega bucks production. If you do that you may surprise yourself and actually enjoy it.

Reviewed by Stephen_A_Abell6 / 10

Not The Best In The Series... though not a bad story...

Aurora (Bure) is having plumbing problems and with the help of her friend, Sally (Doig) they set about fixing it. While checking out the well's pump in the garden, the body of Chief Of Police, Captain Burns (March),falls from an aeroplane... at their feet. Being the compulsively curious amateur sleuth she is, Aurora sets out to track down the cop killer...

Storywise, this isn't as solid as previous instalments of the enthusiast crime solver. In a few scenes, it feels especially contrived. Specifically where the two sisters are concerned. The reaction of Bess Burns' (Cairns) reaction to her husband's death is kind of unbelievable. She doesn't appear to mourn him and at times even sees a bright side to his death. Then there's her sister, Lillian Tibbit (Harvie),who has an episode where she's the complete opposite of her normal personality, This would have been okay had Bess been more realistic. But to have two strange personalities in one story is one too much. This does pull the audiences attention away and out of the story and film.

This though is pretty much the only downside to the movie. The rest of the story is strong and sound. Filled with red herrings and false suspects. Though it shouldn't be too hard for you figure out whodunnit... though you may find yourself changing your mind a couple of times.

There's nothing too interesting in the direction, it's pretty standard stuff. Also, the special effect of the falling body looks cheap and nasty. Luckily it's at the start of the film and over in a couple of seconds.

It's the acting along with the story that will keep the attention of the audience. Just like the previous episodes, the acting is above average and nobody stands out more than anyone else. Everybody has the limelight, allowing the story to take precedence and helps to extend the mystery (there's nothing worse than having some actor or actress walk on screen and you know they're the bad guy or gal).

If you're a fan of the Aurora Teagarden Mysteries you will like this chapter of her life. You needn't have watched the previous episodes to enjoy this film, though you would probably get more enjoyment if you had.

Reviewed by jewelch7 / 10

Very good

Murder from above. You just can't watch anything any than these good for the whole family movies. Great family watching no Foul language no Sex scenes no Nudity just don't get any better than this. Yes I Highly recommend this Family friendly show. James Welch Henderson Arkansas. 04/04/2022.

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