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Reviewed by dayjee-319249 / 10

A Must See For All Shinedown Fans

As far as album films go for bands and movies, I think Shinedown's example here is almost indefinitely the greatest example of doing it right! The men and women behind this project did an amazing job with the symbolism of the story and bringing a great visualization to Shinedown's already amazing album and really brought the story to life only that much more! I'd say my only (if any at all) complaint really just lies in the fact that we didn't get this sooner! (Though I can't blame anyone for that, that's just a personal issue and understandable)

Reviewed by absname10 / 10


Great job SHINEDOWN! Doing what I was told and preordering was the decision I've made in a long time! Scary how fitting this is to my life. Yikes! But there's no secret that the men in Shinedown are guided well.

Reviewed by krnkarebear10 / 10


I left this on a couple social media posts but these are my thoughts and my perception of the film and why it's so amazing:

It honestly made me emotional. My take on the album and movie -Devil, which references getting clean off drugs the last time. Not reaching out for help when you should "Pick up the phone, you said it yourself you're scared of being alone" when people can see what its doing to you "everyone can tell that you're poisoning the well" The psychological effects it can have a person when they take that step and the body begins to cleanse itself.

-Black Soul, recognizing the addiction or recognizing the depression, or whatever it is you're trying to overcome and what those things are doing to yourself and those around you.

-Attention Attention, still seeing what these things have done but in denial, giving excuses. "Nothing bout me is ordinary my friends all say I'm going crazy, I don't hear a word that they say..." -Kill Your Conscience, trying to reason with yourself why these things matter and distract yourself, whether it be with drugs, depression episodes, social media, whatever your vice is. And trying to hide how bad it really is hurting you by putting on a "show" through social media or to others that things are better than they really are.

-Pyro, trying to figure out if you're this way because you're just following in the footsteps of your family and finding a way to break that cycle and not use it as an excuse.

-Monsters, we all have our monsters that stay with us and always sit there in the back of your mind, trying to overcome them yet recognizing how powerful they are if you don't be careful.

-Darkside, trying to explain to someone what its like for you in this addiction or depression or PTSD and knowing it sounds wild. The ups and downs you go through and begging them to understand what its like.

-Creatures, finally accepting that you are just human, the addictions, the mistakes, the urges, the things that drive us, its all normal, we all do it.

-Evolve, time to do something about it, no reason to stay stuck in this cycle anymore, you're stronger than that.

-Get Up, yourself and those around you hearing you out and knowing its hard but its time to get up and you can overcome this.

-Special, no reason for a pity party or seek attention for what you're fighting, we all have our own struggles, you're not special.

-Human Radio, time to reconnect with your life and get back to whatever it is you do best and learn from those struggles you've been through and share them to maybe help others.

-Brilliant, you've made it, the healing is moving and you have the confidence to take on whatever you couldn't handle before.

This is just my perception and why it means so much to me. Its amazing

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