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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by eclittlefield8 / 10

A Clever and Punchy Little Horror Film

This film was an incredibly enjoyable and engaging watch, and really fun to see in the cinema. A beautiful example of claustrophobic family horror, it manages to balance tension and emotional stakes while still being funny and charming. Every member of the small cast gives a really phenomenal performance.

This was a quarantine film that was shot quickly, and it shows a little in some clumsy exposition but that is easily my only criticism. All told, it is incredibly sharp, original and multifaceted, with a stunning cast and strong direction, a wonderful, complex queer storyline and a very fresh take on some old tropes. Absolutely delightful.

Reviewed by amandamunozdav6 / 10

A slow burn horror romance story in the Jewish folklore

A horror film relying on Jewish folklore, religious allegories, and codependency that falls into a disappointing resolution. Attachment shows the beginning of the relationship between Maja and Leah after meeting in a library. Quickly they'll develop feelings but without knowing much of each others life. This sparks the tension in the couple after Leah suffered a seizure forcing them both to travel to London to Leah's mother house and Maja realizes that a secret is hold in between the walls. From the moment Leah returns home her mother insists in doing everything for her even when she's capable of doing it on her own.

Maja and Leah's mother Chana relationship starts with the wrong foot and Maja's efforts only pushes them further. Once the plot twist appears everything starts to make sense and their relationship can finally develop. Sadly, towards the end the film becomes another generic possession horror movie. What starts as a strong, original, captivating horror film turns into a disappointment in the third act. The acting, score, cinematography, and story converge on a satisfying exploration of family dynamics and superstitions. Unfortunately, the ending takes away from the excellence that the film presented at the beginning.

Reviewed by gailspilsbury10 / 10

Loved this "gleeful" gently "horror film"

Attachment is a modern-day thriller/horror film with no violence or blood, just fear of the supernatural lurking in the atmosphere. The story involves Jewish mysticism-what non-mystics would call superstitions to ward off demons and evil. The only way to talk about the film risks a spoiler, for the plot's clues are so subtly woven into the action as to be missed. Be forewarned: unless you keep an unswerving eye on the camera's focus and listen acutely to the dialogues' subtext, puzzlement may result. And the epilogue's playful twist only adds to audience uncertainty. At the same time, it is this very eeriness about the presence of invisible evil that disturbs us in a marvelous way.

The film moves briskly and features three female protagonists, two of them-Maja and Chana-antagonists for the love of the third, Leah. Chana is Leah's Jewish mother and Maya is Leah's non-Jewish lover. A fourth character, Lev, Chana's Orthodox brother-in-law and religious bookstore owner, is a scholar of the Kabbalah-Jewish mysticism that has, as Lev tells us, "the power to unlock the secrets of the universe and ward off evil." Chana also knows and practices the Kabbalah's esoteric rituals that include amulets, heaps of salt in the corners of rooms, candles lit at night, and soup concoctions made with chants to activate their magical powers-incantations like those of the witches in Macbeth, their cauldron bubbling with portentous vapors. We meet shopkeepers in London's Orthodox neighborhood, home to Leah, Chana, and Lev. These vendors also know the mystic traditions and secretly sell Chana the sacred ingredients she needs for the rituals she performs for Leah, her lovely and charismatic daughter.

The film begins with Leah, a graduate student, meeting Maja during a research trip to Denmark. The two fall in love and return to Leah's London flat, located above her mother Chana's flat. The plot then takes off with sinister and suspenseful sounds and inexplicable happenings. Lev shows Maja a book from his shop about "the other side." He turns the pages, pointing out supernatural beings who are evil, such as the Dybbuk, the tortured soul of a dead person who possesses a living person's body, causing that person derangement and death-unless the Dybbuk can be expelled. Secret rituals can attempt to exorcise a Dybbuk, Lev tells Maja, but they are life threatening to those who perform them, and "nowadays out of favor, deemed dangerous. The Talmud forbids black magic and sorcery."

Leah's increasingly strange condition and her mother's even stranger behavior, feeds the suspense and mystery of the movie. Catastrophe looms in the atmosphere. Uncertainty rivets each ticking minute: Who is good, who is evil? Is Chana a witch? Is Lev dangerous? What is going on that we do not yet understand? And can Maja-the only innocent one in this scary coterie-save her beloved from the invisible evil clutches moving in at an ever faster rate? Attachment offers viewers a fabulous, bated-breath film journey.

Sofie Grabol (Chana) deserves special note for her role as Leah's mother. She fully embodies Chana's deep psychic pain for the life of her daughter. Every detail of Chana's internal, turmoiled state brims in her facial expressions, her movements and speech. It is as if she herself is possessed by a terrible power slowly destroying her. Attachment eschews back story-we learn little about the characters before the film's present moment, and that is all we need to be in the grip of this thrilling tale.

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