Atlantic Rim: Resurrection


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird1 / 10

Robotic and monstrous...and those adjectives are being kind

Have made no secret in the past of intensely disliking, and even outright hating a lot, a vast majority of The Asylum's (near-universally maligned for good reason) output, though there is curiosity as to whether they are capable of making something good and compulsive about their output's badness. Admittedly, The Asylum do have a small group of watchable films and the occasional (big emphasis on that word) above average one, unfortunately outweighed by the lacklustre at best and often dreadful films they churn out.

Despite hating the first 'Atlantic Rim' (the first 'Pacific Rim' had its problems but it was to me reasonably entertaining and there is no question it is the better film),there was curiosity to see the second film that capitalised upon the second 'Pacific Rim's' release. Have yet to see the second 'Pacific Rim', but it, although hearing negative comments on it, would have to be really awful to be worse than 'Atlantic Rim 2', that manages to be even worse than its predecessor.

The special effects are far worse here for instance, while far from great (or even good) they were the least bad asset of the first 'Atlantic Rim' whereas they are one of this film's biggest sore spots. They are some of the shoddiest for any film seen not just recently but actually ever, they are incredibly fake-looking and afterthought-like, quality so cheap they would have been out of date and looked awful even in the 50s.

In other technical areas 'Atlantic Rim 2' fares worse, the editing and camera work are rushed and frenzied, making some scenes containing action not very cohesive and the sound effects and mixing are muddied. The music is generic and doesn't come across as memorable at all, sometimes at a sluggish tempo which made it a rather dull score too.

The dialogue is just painful, the interplay is awkward and the actors look even more uncomfortable delivering it while the scripting itself is shallow, on the wrong side of camp and rambling and if you're looking for sense you won't find it. The story as to be expected shows The Asylum's complete lack of originality, it's a decent idea but executed horribly. The pacing is hugely problematic in 'Atlantic Rim 2', there is a lot of irrelevant filler that bogs everything down significantly while the action is rushed and done in such a half-hearted way.

Anybody who expects thrills, fun and a little suspense are better off finding something else, none of those things are in 'Atlantic Rim 2'. It's just ridiculous and dull, with no heart, charm or brains. None of the characters are likable, they have cardboard personalities- once you get over the fact that once again The Asylum are using literally every cliché in the book- and are severely undeveloped, with a mix of dull as dishwater and cartoonish.

Regarding the acting, it gives insult to the word amateurish, with a mix of looking constipated, bad overacting, having the inability of acting scared or fearful of their situation and just acting emotionless. It doesn't even have dependable actors trying to save it or being wasted.

Summing up, even when knowing what to expect 'Atlantic Rim 2' was an abomination. 1/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca3 / 10


ATLANTIC RIM: RESURRECTION is yet another Asylum mockbuster and a film which really didn't need to exist. I can't imagine they make that much money from confused viewers mixing this up with a proper film, so you wonder why they go to the effort. The robot-suit-wearing fighters from the first film are back, once more battling more CGI beasties in interminable scenes written without any kind of sense or wisdom. The whole thing is underwritten and overlong; senseless is the only word I can use to begin to describe it.

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen3 / 10

Just another run of the mill mockbuster from The Asylum...

Of course you know exactly what you are getting yourself into every time The Asylum puts out another mockbuster movie.

"Atlantic Rim: Resurrection" (aka "Atlantic Rim 2") was no exception. It stuck very much true to the formula that The Asylum uses time and time again.

This sequel was actually slightly worse than its predecessor, and that is no small accomplishment.

The CGI in this sequel was just abysmal and it looked like something from a 1990's computer game. I am not kidding. The CGI were that bad!

The characters in the movie were generic and had very little depth and flavor to them, which meant that you didn't buy into them nor did you invest any emotion to any of them.

The acting was adequate, well for taking into consideration the playing ground they were operating in.

Entertainment-wise then "Atlantic Rim: Resurrection" was just not worth the time or effort.

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