Asterix & Obelix: The Middle Kingdom

2023 [FRENCH]

Adventure / Comedy / Family

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Marion Cotillard Photo
Marion Cotillard as Cléopâtre / Bibine
Vincent Cassel Photo
Vincent Cassel as César
Franck Gastambide Photo
Franck Gastambide as Barbe-Rouge
Guillaume Canet Photo
Guillaume Canet as Astérix
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tommy-977611 / 10

3 Beers were not enough

I was skeptical of this movie and did not plan on seeing it in a cinema, but then when the opportunity to view it in a small local theatre arose, I went for it. The advantage of the local theater that is in walking distance is that you can drink alcohol during the viewing. I managed 3 lagers and sadly that was not enough.

To be completely honest, there are things to like about this movie. Some of the jokes worked. The costumes, locations, effects and overall production value is very good. Ceasar and Cleopatra were fun to watch and carry the movie IMO. Why the bad rating you ask? I am sorry, but I cannot give any more points to a movie called Asterix & Obelix which gets the main character so completely wrong. It is a fundamental flaw that I can't get past. Asterix is supposed to be a smart, funny and likeable character. What have we got in this movie? He doesn't want to eat meat (but does anyway) and doesn't want to rely on the magic potion (but does anyway). The Magic potion side of things could have been a setup to showcase his wit and have him outsmart his oponents, such plotlines were done before but no, he just takes the potion as a hypocrite and carries on. Oh and there is a pointless loveinterest subplot. Imagine seeing this movie as your first encounter with Asterix and Obelix, which it for many kids probably is. The character onscreen is a nonagreable pretentios whiny hypocrite. Why anyone would want to watch any movies with THIS charater is baffling.

So much money spent on this movie and they couldn't afford anyone to write a decent script? It becomes more frustrating when you compare it to the last Animated movie, the secret of the magic potion. If you go one step beyond that, you get the excellent Mansion of the Gods movie, which means that there still are people who can write an engaging Asterix story out there.

This movie actually does more harm than it would if it were not made at all. If it does well at the box office, more such trash will be made. If it does poorly at the box office, the producers will think that the IP is dead and it can hinder any further Asterix movies ever being made. If future movies are to be made in the same spirit I guess the lesser evil would be not to have any more movies.

If you are a fan, then avoid this movie. If you are not, I can't see how this movie would turn you into one. Just forget it.

Reviewed by rdvljunk4 / 10


The first Asterix and Oblix movie was pretty much fun, but things went downhill from there with this as an absolute low. There are some funny moments but all in all it dragged on and on and on. None of the characters were really convincing, except for Oblix, Tatan and the empress. Asterix, who should be the leading hero, was exceptionally poor, really dull. The introduction of Ibrahimovic was useless with some predictable footbal jokes.

It may also have been the french humor, which isn't humor at all but just acting a bit silly and make it drag-on. Like Ceasar's writter who was a bit fun at first but become more and more anoying: "yes now we know, get on with it"

Reviewed by AvionPrince165 / 10

The movie with a tons of jokes and a tons of a special guests

I need to say that the movie were pretty classic but really annoyed me its the number of jokes who really bored me and let me pretty indifferent each time. This movie feel like a commercial thing: a lot of youtubers, stars and singers to promote the movie and make it more able to gain more people attentions and thats pretty sad to rely on popularities instead of a performance of a fresh actors. I was pretty disappointed overall and the jokes dont make it better. The story is pretty classic a woman to save and a lot of useless dialogues, mise en scene and love moments(that feel pretty useless because we already know that Asterix and Obelix will stay single anyway. But i really enjoyed the set design, the costumes, the lights, all that make us really feel that Gaulois Vibes and i really appreciate that. We saw a lot of stars and that s really all what i remembered to be honest. A story that i didnt really get into it and some superficial characters even if we learned a bit more about Asterix and Obelix Childhood but thats all.

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