Assholes: A Theory



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by brooksrob110 / 10

It takes one to know one...

It's low hanging fruit. It's good to address it but those, that represent the title, most often are oblivious. As a defense mechanism; we all must, at times, imitate the A**hole.

I give it a ten, because it's not a 1...My only two ratings...


Reviewed by SCWC5IL3 / 10

Was okay, then it went political.

I thought this was an interesting "documentary" up to a point. They distinguish between "assholes" and "dicks," chief difference being that assholes don't realize they're assholes. Prim and property behavioral professionals toss the words about as though they're clinical.

But then they just couldn't help themselves and went political, pointing out people of the opposite political persuasion as being assholes.

Sorry, your impartiality and credibility went out the window.

Reviewed by tokellywhitlock3 / 10

Was this a mockumentary?

The movie is a talking-head documentary with people talking about a-holes. That's as deep as it goes. But worse, everyone was congratulating themselves on not being an a-hole and we have to get together and fight all the a-holes out there. Guess what, we can all be a-holes. Filmmaker read a book and then filmed people talking about a-holes they encountered. I hope the book was more in-depth than this movie. Spoiler alert, he spends 20 min showing that Canadians can be a-holes too. We honesty thought this was a mockumentary.

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