Assassin Club


Action / Thriller

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Noomi Rapace Photo
Noomi Rapace as Falk
Sam Neill Photo
Sam Neill as Caldwell
Henry Golding Photo
Henry Golding as Morgan
Daniela Melchior Photo
Daniela Melchior as Sophie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gurarieleviav7 / 10

it was nice

The movie was interesting, suspenseful, good characters, an innovative story that I still didn't know. Although I would have liked to get to know some of the characters in the film more, but it didn't turn out that way.

The director does need to work on the editing skills of his people because that was the only part of the movie that was bad - the transitions between scenes... The actors are very good and in general the movie was nice that's why I gave 7.

I personally think that the film, which is almost two hours, can be compressed into half an hour less (if not more).

Those who go to see this movie should come in a good mood and not expect a crazy blockbuster with crazy things.

Yes, there were unpleasant scenes, so those who are sensitive to blood and disgusting things may not need to see this movie.

The main actor did the job properly but apart from him and a very small number of other actors, it seemed that most of the actors did not want to act in this movie at all and were forced to.

In short - a film that can be seen when there is nothing else to see.

Reviewed by CinemaSerf5 / 10

Assassin Club

Henry Golding is "Morgan", somewhat reluctantly tasked by his handler "Caldwell" (Sam Neill) with an unique challenge. It seems he is embroiled in a game of death - and there are six other professional hit-people out there all determined to kill him (unless he kills them first). He wants to retire to a settled life with his teacher girlfriend "Sophie" (Daniela Melchior) but when the two of them encounter "Drakos" (Lorenzo Buran) in a public park, he realises that the choice isn't going to be his! The idea isn't bad, but what now ensues is all rather poor, sorry. There is plenty of pace but the delivery has more holes that a Swiss cheese festival. These are supposed to be amongst the most lethal and devious folks alive yet they all find each other with ease; there is way too much sentiment as the drama predictably unfolds and the underlying ownership of the plot is convoluted and really weak. Now had we spent a little longer with Golding in his one and only shower scene, then perhaps that might have redeemed his otherwise really hammy performance, but we don't so it doesn't, and coupled with a frankly terrible effort from the wooden-as-ever Neill and the almost pantomime-menace contribution from Noomi Rapace as the police investigator "Vos" - a woman with quite a secret - we are left with a film that stays defiantly in the realms of a flat-footed and over-scripted television movie. Someone, somewhere, is determined to make Henry Golding a star. Good luck with that - he has all the charisma of a wet beer mat.

Reviewed by gsasfa10 / 10

Nice cast & action

It's a pure Kill Film, nothing more and nothing less, you can put your brain on hold, sit back and try to relax.

Very refined in its visual presentation, taking a no-holds-barred approach with its content & providing heavy doses of pulse-pounding entertainment that many viewers will want to revisit again n again.

Here was a movie that delivered exaxtly what I paid for. I went on a Friday night. Got a burger and a beer at the bar next to the theater, then got to watch a perfect Friday night movie. We need more of these types of films. Thrilling, edge of your seat action. Cool characters. Beautiful women.

Killer cast, beautiful cinematography and stunts wowww.

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