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Reviewed by ops-525355 / 10

i'm not familiar...

With the '' børning'' franchise, having just seen bits and pieces of nr 2, and i must say this was disappointlingly worse, if not to say terrible on story and plot, acting are just on the limit, and the driving aint sensational, in addition to that comes some loudicrously made cgi specialeffects that belongs in the animated world. movies like this one is made for the roadhogs doing the streif, high on wunderbaum and blasted braindead on NO3 and other influxes, because this film is just what it is and its that

i ask myself what they could have done on a larger budget. considering the shoots made at neuburgring racerbahn, where the race that lasts for 5 minutes do have almost every kind of meteorological phenomenon that exists, sun rainfog drizzle, soaking wet road to heatflimmering dry asphalt and dusk and dawn piled after eachother, these elements makes it obvious that the planning of the project have been less than good, and the weather issues / miss'es do repeat itself in many sequences in the film.

so was this a film that the grumpy old man can recommend ? no not even with a patriotic norwegian heart, no...its more or less a good bye to further børnings, they are out of ideas, so save time and money and let it be

Reviewed by faer_kr2 / 10

Ideal to kill time or fall asleep.

A combination of drama and Norwegian adventure. Although it is called action it does not have. It is about a car racer who gets carried away in a drunkenness and the girl shows up to break into her wedding by stealing the bride, to get her back she has to face a car race. Quality. LGBTQ moments Most of the effects are well done, two or three moments too computerized and fall into the absurd, even crazy. It starts well but declines with situations that have no meaning and do not add anything to the story, going through plug me the machine and becoming a copy of Fast and Furious at times, it has only three racing moments, the rest is totally parsimonious, not even it hooks you on the characters, it doesn't develop them. You try the sitcom and it doesn't succeed, just two or three moments. Spoken in Norwegian, German and English. Ideal to kill time or fall asleep.

Reviewed by kosmasp7 / 10

Fast and Finish third

Let me be clear, even though I reckon some will already voted "not helpful": I like to do wordplays and since this might feel similar to at least how Fast and Furious began .... although to be fair there is a stunt/CGI scene that is as ridiculous as anything in the later installments of the series ... but let's not get ahead of ourselves.

To be honest, I think saying this is a movie about racing should be enough to tell you or give you an indication if this is even something you want to watch. I have not seen the 2 previous movies, but the movie and the makers made sure that even if you haven't you can enjoy the movie right here for what it is.

Characters are thin yet more than enjoyable. Of course if you know previous movies you are probably aware of relationships and rivalries - but again, even if not, you can piece it together ... like piecing together a race car, that might work in the end ... I would say that the movie is quite predictable and should not give you too many riddles as to where it is going. A fine note for German viewers: this scandinavian production goes through Germany and some familiar faces here ... Cliches and everything included.

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