Asesinos inocentes

2015 [SPANISH]

Action / Comedy / Crime / Mystery / Thriller

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Aura Garrido Photo
Aura Garrido as Nuria Abreu
Maxi Iglesias Photo
Maxi Iglesias as Francisco Garralda
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gurunathankrishnan7 / 10

Brilliant Beginning and excellent ending but something missing

The movie starts off excellently and grasps your attention. Professor who wants to kill himself but couldn't and assigns the task of killing him to a student for clearing his grades. It has some wonderful scenes explaining how the professor could not kill himself and has some excellent thoughts on life and death through his dialogues. This caught the attention immediately and kept me on the edge of the seat. It goes slow thereafter bringing various twists and turns during the course of the story. A greedy and mafia money lender, a brilliant but unemployed friend, mechanic friend and girlfriend. It gives various dimension to the story. But these dimensions and twists/turns makes the movie a little slow and slightly lengthy. The casting was wonderful and has some excellent dialogue (I took help of subtitle). The ending too has a sweet twist. Overall great performances, casting, music, screenplay. You will not regret seeing once.

Reviewed by ma-cortes6 / 10

Decent juvenile suspense movie full of twists , turns and an amazing ending

Above average mystery thriller with plenty of plot twists , turns and a suspenseful finale . This is a top-notch thriller about a teacher (Miguel Angel Solá) who wishes to murder himself but he doesn't get it , as he asks for help a student named Francisco Garralda (Maxi Iglesias) that's just the starting point for him has come and then things go awry . As soon as he kills him he will pass the grade exam and to be rewarded with a lot of cash . Francisco gets together his friends at McKinley's pub (Luis Fernández , Javier Hernández , Aura Garrido) and explains them the weird happenings but events are about to get even worse .

¨Innocent killers¨ contains twisted mysteries , emotional thrills , action and suspense . This is a highly mysterious and cerebral thriller , though something lost , and filled with plot twists , including an unexpected denouement in its final part in which complicating things still further . The interesting premise in the following : In order to get out of an extreme situation, would you consider committing murder if the victim himself is asking for it? . Hitchcock style psychological mystery , being surprisingly good and stunningly directed . The original as well entertaining premise is overspread across the movie adding some brief conventional pitfalls . The picture is pretty well , though sometimes stagy and it has a lot of turns . However , being very entertaining for its continuous suspense . The main cast is frankly good , such as Maxi Iglesias as the young student becomes involved into a twisted murder intrigue , Aura Garrido as his sweetheart and special mention for the Argentine Miguel Angel Solá as the suspicious professor . Support cast is pretty well with brief appearances from Manolo Solo as public prosecutor , Vicente Romero as a Mafia lender who seeks vendetta , María Alfonsa Rosso as a gossiping neighbour , and Carlos Álvarez-Nóvoa as Garralda's father .

The film was compellingly produced by Marta Velasco who has financed some hits in the new Spanish cinema . This increasingly potent thriller displays a colorful and luxurious cinematography by Alvaro Gutiérrez , shot on location in Dos Hermanas ,Tomares, Sevilla, Andalucía,Sevilla, Andalucía, Spain . And stirring and thrilling score by Pablo Cervantes . This new film by Spanish writer/director Gonzalo Bendala was compelling written and professionally directed . Gonzalo previously realized short movies , he wrote and direxcted "Penumbra¨, ¨Días Rojos¨ , ¨El Orgullo¨ and documentary as ¨Guerra Civil En Andalucía¨ . Rating : 6.5/ 10 . Worth well watching

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