Arthur, malédiction

2022 [FRENCH]


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Reviewed by kosmasp5 / 10

All grown up (and not)

I have to admit I never watched the kids movies including the Arthur and Mini Moys (or whatever they are called) ... though I do know of them of course. I also do not think it is necessary to know the movies - you may be familiar with the location itself.

The movie also takes a lot of time to get things going. Or getting it on - no pun intended. And it walks quite the fine line - while being a horror movie (and it does show things in explicit violent manor, though I have seen worse/better),it also has this sweet romantic story. With the most understanding girlfriend ever - of all times! No seriously - feels like she waited a century for our main guy to finally wake up to her ... well body and other things on her.

While I reckon that romance does not come off good with most viewers (and it has its flaws),I can somewhat understand the whole relationship. If you grow up with a person, sometimes you miss how they grow up ... how they bloom and all that.

There is a sort of resolution towards the end ... an explanation. But is it really telling us all we need to know? Also I am quite forgiving, but I myself was shaking my head multiple times ... yes people in horror movies do not always pick or do the best thing ... but if you run and lock yourself up, instead of walking a few feet to warn your friends? Maybe it is me, but that was one of the worst things I've seen in a movie ... period! Not to mention the convenient placing of ... well to bee or not bee (my pun may ask) ... anyway, there are a lot of moments that are really really tough to swallow ... the effects are good and I do like the actors anyway ... even if they made me cringe a lot.

Interestingly enough I reckon Bessons daughter is in this ... he produced the movie too I think. Well she is not the problem the movie has ... or rather the problems. Suspend your disbelief and really set your expectations low ... even lower than that ... maybe a bit lower ... yeah about there ... hey you've been warned (and they have been too - pun intended)

Reviewed by thefrench17963 / 10

Delightfully Horrendous

With this rating I am attempting to account for both the enjoyment provided by the film and its objective quality, which is nowhere near the illustrious standards of mediocrity.

This is one of those films that are so unintentionally funny, that you have to wonder if this wasn't the plan to begin with or a practical joke played on the cast and crew by writer/producer Luc Besson.

His involvement is the most shocking part. One can hardly imagine him sitting at his desk putting pen to paper and letting the words pour out on the page and not realizing what he is doing. Given the very repetitive dialogue and story structure, seemingly improvised lines and thin plotting, I have to assume that he only "wrote" a couple posted notes that he then stuck to the director's fridge.

Overall this a wonderful so-bad-it's-good film, because while the editing is tasteless and the acting atrocious -the actors cannot even pronounce words- it is very easy to follow and understand how the filmmakers are failing at what they are trying to accomplish. There are a couple of technical mistakes but -outside of the writing and acting- what makes the final product baffling are the creative decisions.

The very concept of the film is self-aggrandizing and the first half of the movie is a non-stop barrage of ad-libbing set to music. The movie is edited to the music's beat with an excessive amount of speedups and slowdowns which do not do much for the "scary" tone. The cast of teenagers get mowed down in mostly unrelated ways. One could easily edit out some of these characters from the final cut without impacting the story, which is not a good sign.

The ultimate conclusion is also nonsensical, and puts into question many of the events and character motivations. If I had to guess what the tone is supposed to be, it could charitably be interpreted as an Eli Roth-style genre send-off. I think this is going to be a Halloween staple for my friends and I going forward. If you enjoy terrible horror movies -or brilliant comedies- give this a try, the 90 minute running time just flew by.

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