Apocalypse, Please!

2022 [GERMAN]

Action / Comedy

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Reviewed by kosmasp5 / 10

We're doomed I tell you

No pun intended - though we may be doomed anyway. For other reasons than movies like the one at hand though. Even if you may think I have been way too nice once again when it comes to my rating (and review) of a movie. I reckon I saw the good in it - could find the humor in it - even if it may be hidden way too good for others.

It has that Austrian sense of humor. Quite dry, quite silly and over the top. When caught in the act, one character still says it is not what it looks like ... and hey she is at least over 18 years old ... and you know stuff like that.

So as is to be expected, there are things that we do tend to do when we think the end of the world is coming. Even if we sort of play act - no pun intended.

It is refreshingly short, so maybe you can give it a try. But again it depends on your sense of humor and your moral compass. It also sort of pretends to be spin/fun take on the found footage thing ... so there are spoof elements to the whole thing. And you know social commentary ... again, not sure any of that will even make a dent in your perception of it ... which also can be conceived as a social commentary in and of itself ... I think it's a good time to say ... goodbye (again no pun intended)

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