1956 [BANGLA]

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Reviewed by MartinHafer6 / 10

The misery for Apu's family continues....

This is the second of three films dubbed by fans as 'The Apu Trilogy', three stories that make up the life of Apu as he goes from childhood to adulthood. I have yet to see the third, but the first two films are very depressing, as horrid things happen to his family. Sadly, they are not unrealistic as child mortality and short life spans were particularly the case in impoverished India back in the day. And, because the films are so often depressing, you might want to think twice before watching them if you are suffering from depression yourself.

In "Pather Panchali", Apu seems like a very ordinary boy growing up poor in rural India. Here in "Aparajito" he's moved to the big city and is growing and gaining the attention of others because they see lots of promise in this bright boy. However, there are many setbacks such as his father's death as well as Apu struggling with what to do with his life, as he has an opportunity to go away and have an excellent education...but it would mean leaving his widowed mother alone.

Like the first film, this is an example of the so-called 'Parallel Cinema" (also called 'New Indian Cinema'). In many ways, it's much like Italian Neo-Realist films as it features ordinary people (not established actors) playing very normal characters. Often in Indian films, the protagonists are rich and beautiful and privileged, but in a Parallel Cinema picture, it gives a view of the ordinary folks who make up the vast majority in the country.

I was not a big fan of the first film. To me, it was depressing but seemed to have little direction and was very slow. Yes, I know it's considered among the greatest Indian films ever made....but for some reason it just didn't work for me. This second picture, in contrast, is a bit easier to watch...probably because there's at least some indication that things will improve eventually. Also, Apu's mother seems less angry and depressed...making the film just a tad lighter and easier to watch. Overall, while I didn't love "Aparajito", I did find it interesting and worth seeing. But, like the previous film, so much hype surrounds it you can't help but feel a tad disappointed....a common thing, actually.

Reviewed by Hitchcoc10 / 10

Apu Schoolboy

The second of the trilogy has Apu growing into an intellectual. He is a far from perfect son as he selfishly looks out only for himself. His mother is manipulative but she does have a point. She has supported his dreams after his father dies, but he only thinks of himself. His mother becomes I'll and he doesn't take time to visit her. What we have here is a poor child who gets a taste of education and runs with it. He is respected in his village but dreams of greater things. He manages to get by, but he lacks the discipline necessary to get his degree. The death of his father to some sort of ailment makes him aware of his own shortcomings. Still, he is a voracious learner but it is all sort of artificial until he is able to appreciate the sacrifices of those around him. He also learns the biggest lesson a boy can learn.

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho7 / 10

Parents do not Live Forever

In 1920, in Benares, the ten-year old boy Apu lives happily with his mother and his father. When his father dies, Apu and his mother move to a village with her uncle. Soon Apu asks his mother to study in the local school where he becomes a distinguished student. When Apu is a teenager, the headmaster offers a scholarship to him to study in Calcutta and her mother gives her savings to him to support his new life. Apu works at a printing press at night to support himself in Calcutta while his mother misses him. But soon he neglects his mother and the college. When he learns that his mother is sick, he returns to the village where she is to visit her, but it may be too late.

"Aparajito" is a realistic drama with the coming of age of Apu in a big city and the loneliness of his mother in a village in the poor Bengal countryside. The story is very simple but with great performances that give the sensation of a documentary. Apu's new life makes him forget his beloved mother and in the end he learns that parents do not live forever and he should have given more attention to her before it is too late. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "O Invencível" ("The Invincible")

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