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Reviewed by Uriah435 / 10

Action and Intrigue Out West

Immediately after the Civil War two Union soldiers by the names of "James Kingston" (Bill Williams) and "Sergeant Tim O'Roarke" (Ray Teale) are sent on a secret mission by "President Abraham Lincoln" (James Griffith) to West Texas to herd several hundred head of cattle back east where food has become quite scarce. In order to accomplish this, however, it will require them to trespass into Apache territory and because of that a former Confederate officer by the name of "Donald 'Tex' McGuire" (Don C. Harvey) is assigned to ride with them because he knows the landscape and how to successfully navigate through it. Yet, although neither Kingston nor O'Roarke trust McGuire since he was a convicted criminal prior to joining the Confederacy, these two soldiers obediently accept the assignment given to them and ride out west all the same. What they don't know at the time, however, is that the wagon train they are ordered to accompany has a secret shipment of repeating rifles being smuggled which a Mexican bandit by the name of "Joaquin Jironza" (Alex Montoya) wants to desperately acquire for his own selfish agenda. Likewise, the cattle are also badly needed by the Apaches and this fact is easily used by Jironza to persuade the Apaches to join his Mexican bandits in a raid upon the cattle drive. Now rather than reveal any more I will just say that this film started out pretty well but the intrigue and various other sub-plots seemed to hinder what could have been a very good Western film. Be that as it may, I thought it was still good enough for the time spent and for that reason I have rated it accordingly. Average.

Reviewed by mark.waltz4 / 10

Just your standard wagon train western.

It's the Apaches and the Mexicans whom this wagon train seems to be fighting against here, and there's an interesting element that has the Apaches and Mexicans working together to attack them. What is unique in their relationship though is that in spite of the fact that they are in cahoots, it's obvious that the Mexicans feel superior to the natives, yet they are equally typecast in a one dimensional manner.

The film opens on a historical note which sets it up to be interesting as two of the Calvary officers, Bill Williams and Richard Jaeckel, meet with president Abraham Lincoln (James Griffith),on an evening where he is preparing to go to the Ford's theater. Their conversations later indicate that they are motivated by his assassination to further settle the west which leads to conflict once they get there.

As per usual, there are bad white men selling weapons to the natives, a pretty blonde (Adelle August),a sultry Mexican girl (Movita) making a play for one of the men and all sorts of raids which result in cattle stampedes and lots of carnage. Nothing special among the hundreds of Saturday morning westerns, and even though it was produced by a major studio (Columbia),the black and white photography and stock footage makes it nothing special outside those few interesting details I don't recall seeing much in other films like this.

Reviewed by LeonLouisRicci7 / 10

Small Budget Made Big with Political Commentary & Borrowed Action

Made on the Cheap but this Cobbled Together Western is not without Plenty of Action and a Heavy Political Post Civil War Statement.

Although the Title Implies that the said Ambush is the Central Piece, it comes Late and the Movie has more than that Clearly on its mind.

The North-South Battle is still Raging after Lee's Surrender with this Taking Place Immediately After the Assassination of Lincoln. Honest Abe shows up in the Film's First Scene setting the Plot of Delivering Needed Cattle from Down South to Up North to Feed Starving Americans.

In the Picture the Southerners still Don't Consider the North as Anything but Enemy and Bicker and Fight with Yankees Constantly. Richard Jaeckel Steals the Show as a One-Armed and extremely Bitter Rebel.

Overall, the Movie Never Slows Down and the Action is Fast and Furious. Recommended for Social Historians to Get a Glimpse at Mid-Fifties Political Commentary about the Healing of a Nation and Western Movie Fans for sure.

The "War is Over" Speeches are ever Present in the Blazing Western Format that includes Outlaw Mexicans in Cahoots with Indians, a Wild Cattle Stampede, Guns Blazing, and Stunt Work Galore (clipped from other Films). It is kind of a Cut and Paste Job that kinda Works. For its Own Contribution the Movie is Concerned with Verbiage about the Post Civil War Healing.

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