Anything Else


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Christina Ricci as Amanda Chase
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Danny DeVito as Harvey Wexler
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Woody Allen as David Dobel
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Fisher Stevens as Manager
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by NYCDude8 / 10

A fine Woody Allen Movie and a joy to watch.

Yes, I admit to being a Woody Allen fan. Yes, I agree that his movies are uneven and have not all been up to the great standards of Annie Hall or Hannah. So I saw this on video, since it slipped out of the theaters quickly. And having read the IMDB reviews, I was prepared for the worse. The good news is that Mr Allen has recovered from whatever it was that was interfering with his muse. The picture is a classic Woody Allen film: fine acting, wonderful lines and gags, an ongoing psychoanalytical situation, dysfunctional relationships, funny situations, and Woody himself in a suitable role as a crazy guy, but the only "sane" one in the film. I would also add that the scenes of New York, including Manhattan and Brooklyn, were breathtakingly beautiful.

Critics now seem to enjoy dissing Woody, whatever his output. Maybe that's the price of a long, fruitful career. Ignore them and enjoy his films. Long may he present his gifts to us.

Reviewed by Dockelektro7 / 10

The annual Allen movie

Ok, the man is an establishment. That's what keeps this movie from being vague, shallow and void. Woody Allen can claim for himself his kind of movies, and nobody else does them like he does. So, when you see a Woody Allen movie, you know precisely what you are going to get, the difference being sometimes more surprised, and sometimes less. Well, here there's no surprise, except the way that Allen seeks new talent and awards them with the typical alter ego role. It's up to them to prove that they can handle it. Kenneth Branagh did it, John Cusack did it, and now Jason Biggs is the nervous new yorker who goes to psycho analysis. Well, it works, but the truth is that Biggs' character behaves like a 35-year-old trapped in a 21-year-old body. And the fact that some of the movie doesn't make much sense, you can never forget that this is the realm of Woody Allen, and even if it doesn't make sense, it's always funny and you'll always laugh. Everybody remembers the plotless "Everybody Says I Love You" but no one cared for the plot. It was entertaining. Same here. Sometimes I'd wish that Woody Allen tried a little harder to make movies with a thicker plot - remember "Bullets Over Broadway". But anyway, this movie is a permanent joy to watch, thanks to the great actors, great comedy (even with a non-existent story) and a great photography from Darius Khondji.

Reviewed by GOWBTW9 / 10

Isn't it obvious?

Here's a Woody Allen film that makes sense. Here we have a two guys Jerry(Jason Biggs, "American Pie Movies", "Saving Silverman") and David(Woody Allen) who is a complete neurotic all through here. Jerry has this problem about finding work in New York. COME ON! Everything is here in The Big Apple! However, his love life is more complicated than his line of work. His girlfriend Amanda(Christina Ricci) is totally unpredictable. Jerry should have known in the first place to break off the relationship with her, but no, he has to go along with her game. David's character is a mirror image of the master himself. The storyline of the movie is an exact duplicate of New York life itself, it was well-made, the scenery is absolute perfect, and the characters of the movie are amazing. I agree with some of the things David says about what's going on in the world. And Jerry ended up going solo to the West Coast because of David's own problems. What a pity for David, but I do wish the best for Jerry. This movie go style, it got class, its got plenty to say, "Anything Else?" Get a clue! Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars!

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