Any Bullet Will Do


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Meg Foster as Ma Whitman
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Yuri Lowenthal as Pickett Rowe
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Bruce Davison as Jonathan Carrington
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Brea Bee as Nina Toll
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Reviewed by nogodnomasters6 / 10

Dying Time is Here

Ollis Ransom (Hollis Ransom) is an ex-Union soldier working as a bounty hunter in the gold mining community of 14 Miles, Montana circa 1874. He is known and trusted in town even though he talks like Sling Blade. His brother Everett (Todd A. Robinson) has become an outlaw in a white hood. Mine owner Jonathan Carrington (Bruce Davison) has placed on price on his head, one that Hollis wants to cash in on. He hires Rose Gage (Jenny Curtis) to be a tracker.

Rose had an intellect and provided some light moments. These were things that could have been better scripted with a light soundtrack. The film has its heavy moments. The opening battle scene was a joke in fighting and dialogue.

I was slightly entertained.

Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.

Reviewed by jwscott-home7 / 10

Great Western story...

Great Western, If you don't like Westerns, don't watch them. Clearly the low ratings on here are from the Avengers and Marvel types who only like the modern cgi n action. I happen to love those action movies as well as Westerns but they're completely different. So don't expect a Western Sci Fi this is just good ole Western, good guy vs bad guy. Broaden your horizons young lads lol..

Reviewed by jwscott-home7 / 10

Beautiful scenery in the high country & some cowboying to go with it

Beautiful scenery in the high country & some cowboying to go with it. IF you like westerns, this is one that develops the characters well so it's not all action as you might be expecting...but their hunt for the bad guys, the bounty hunters brother, who killed his true love, takes up a good hour of the movie. In between the opening action and the final hour is some beautiful scenery. And during that hunt, you discover much about the good brother and his tracker, the daughter of one of best trackers in the west, whos father refused to go with him because he didn't care much for the law. She makes an interesting companion for him and they trek through the mountains and snow in search of his racist war torn brother who killed his black lover just as they were ready to head out west and leave the war behind just as it started. Needless to say, After that he joins the Union to fight opposite his brother. Move forward to the final hour and the hunt for his crazy brother...Once the fight starts the final hour is full of action and its worth the wait. Don't get me wrong there are some exciting bits along the way but the best Cowboying is in the final hour. Sit back, build a fire, grab a beer and enjoy.

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