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Reviewed by kosmasp8 / 10

Scene (stealer)

If like me, you're not as aware to the medium or rather genre this is a love letter to (no pun intended),you may miss certain things this nods to. Having said that, most things are apparent or at least as crazy as you'd expect them in a Sion Sono movie. Hard to grasp entirely and apprently just one of about 8 things he worked on in that year ... this is almost mind blowing.

Color and framing, the set up, everything that is put in here (or rather out there),works quite nicely. While overall I felt the title works like when you call a movie an Anti War movie - you still get war and scenes of mayhem and fighting, but they are supposed not to excite you. I would argue the same is true for this. Lots of nudity, lots of craziness. If you can deal with that and the fact there is a lot of breaking the fourth wall ... and intimidation and punishment and ... not so much arousment - you're going to be fine. Just fine

Reviewed by trashgang7 / 10

colourful flick about a whore

For an Eastern flick it was rather short, only 78 minutes and not the usual over 2 hours flicks. Still, it's a very weird flick to watch. You are on a set of a porn flick but so much more is going on.

I was surprised of the full nudity without blurring. Not that much seen in those flicks. There's of course a lot of full frontal but it never becomes vulgar let's even say it's far away from porn. So I can understand that many are fooled by the title. Still it has bondage and domination and leather and dildo's being used but it's never explicit and the story makes it a rather weird one to watch.

There are no effects whatsoever used but the story is seen in a few weird ways and the daughter asking her dad to take her virginity away can be offending for some..

Gore 0/5 Nudity 2,5/5 Effects 0/5 Story 2,5/5 Comedy 0/5.

Reviewed by yomba8 / 10

A lot of color, but... where's the exit? Where?

I exist. I exist here. I know I exist. I exist, but not today. Today comes constantly. It'll come until I die. But I don't exist today. We don't exist in the todays we've lost. It appears as if we do, but we don't.

You wake up from a nightmare where your life is just a character evolving on stage, for the amusement of others. But you wake up. To reality. Or ... are you still on stage? If yes... where is the exit? Where?

An item that appears repeatedly throughout the movie gets a very strong meaning at the end of it. A lizard who grew too big to ever get out of the bottle he's in! Where's the exit? Where?

Antiporno is not a porn movie. It contains some nudity scenes, vulgar language and many shocking scenes. And color. A lot of color sometimes. Liquid even. But besides, it's hard to say what it is. Perhaps for someone more familiar with the work of Japanese director Sion Sono, things are clearer. It is a symbolic film, requiring an effort to understand it. And I believe that a profound knowledge of Japanese society is indispensable.

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