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Reviewed by Phaeron8 / 10

A Tarkovsky-like Turkish Movie

I don't know how to put this, but this is one of the best movies I watched in a really long while, and it is even more surprising for me that this movie is actually Turkish, since I didn't expect this sort of a production quality and refined writing. The story is about 4 Turkish soldiers and them trying to get the radio broadcast on to make the coup announcement, although feelings and the criticism of how absurd of our world is can be understood for all, I think that it is most suitable for people living in dtysfunctioning countries, not giving any names *uhm I love my sandwich uhm* since the movie mainly deals with characters' dedication to a cause and how stupid those turn out to be. The movie cinematography really follows a pattern that can be considered similar to Tarkovsky, really long scenes that were not supposed to be that long only to reward you with a really thoughtful ending that is meaningless on its own. I would recommend everyone to check this movie out, and I think you should be able to find English version somewhere since this was a Bulgarian-Turkish cooperation.

Reviewed by yusufpiskin7 / 10


Mahmut Fazil Coskun movie made in 2018.

He co-wrote the screenplay with Ercan Kesal.

The film, which describes my failed coup attempt as a black comedy, is a marvel of cinematography and art direction.

As someone who has worked with him before, I know that you are a bit obsessed with these issues.

In this film, Fazil Coskun succeeded in breaking out of his own narrative language and staying true to his own cinematic language.

However, the screenplay or at least the difficulties in transferring the script to the film tire the audience.

Huh, does this make the movie bad? No way.

Reviewed by terry_harris_et5 / 10

Too deserted to affect

On the outlook, Anons is an improvement over Fazil Coskun's previous film Yozgat Blues, adding a stylish noir type cinematography, but it's a step back narratively lacking the former's soul. The "frigid" colour palette creates a cohesive visual format to reflect the deadpan facial impressions of military men plotting a coup, not to forget the 'Frigidaire' metaphor as well. Still, absent-mindedness of the melancholic characters and arbitrariness of the shoved events squanders to constitute absurdism and comes off as a dish too cold to consume, too deserted to affect, leaving the audience as indifferent towards the film as the men in uniform are towards the plight of the coup.

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