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Vella Lovell Photo
Vella Lovell as Emily Price 4 episodes, 2023
Grace Palmer Photo
Grace Palmer as Victoria Sands 4 episodes, 2023
Joel McHale Photo
Joel McHale as Frank Shaw 4 episodes, 2023
Ravi Patel Photo
Ravi Patel as Amit Patel 4 episodes, 2023
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Reviewed by lotekguy-13 / 10

Formula failure

So we start with Joel McHale all snarky after losing a respectable career, and bitterly forced to adjust to less worthy circumstances. He's surrounded by a bunch of quirky characters, looking down on them as his inferiors. If it lasts, he'll come appreciate them, petty squabbles and rivalries will turn out happily, and they'll function as a cohesive unit, replete with warm fuzzies. Nemeses will be foiled.

Feel familiar? The setup that worked so well in Community seems doomed to disappoint in this imitator. Animal encounters should offer a broader palette with more comedic potential than community college interiors, but the intro to this cast and the writers feeding them bodes ill for a long run. Trying too hard for too few laughs.

Reviewed by stonebrake8 / 10

I'm hopeful.

Giving it a few episodes to see if it finds it's stride. I'm a big fan of Joe McHale. My only gripe at this point is the portal of an animal control department. Ive never seem a city with more than 1 Animal Control pickup working at the same time. Normally the employees are stoned and you can't get ahold of them for days. In this show. They actually patrol AND respond to calls. It's like the show writers never visited a real animal control office. Lol. Anyway. First episode wasn't terrible. I think it has potential and will definitely give it a few episodes to decide. The supporting cast is pretty good. Fingers crossed.

Reviewed by chiefop-922097 / 10

Try It, You'll Like It

Didn't expect much after reading many of these reviews, (some seem weirdly personal),but was surprised how funny I thought it was. It's not Seinfeld or MASH of course but not even close to some of the lame shows (I'm looking at you Night Court),but all I can suggest is try it because it's a pleasing cast, yes Joel McHale is pretty much Jeff Winger 2.0, but what's wrong with that? It kind of reminded me of Community in that I actually laughed out loud a couple of times and am looking forward to more episodes. Give it an opportunity, it won't be the first time a show that actually is funny gets canceled, but I plan on enjoying while I can.

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