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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle8 / 10

what a premise

Blind pianist Akash gets run over by Sofie and her moped. He's more than alright. He's not actually blind. Old movie star Pramod Sinha invites him to play for his wife Simi as a surprise anniversary present. When he gets there, it's surprise and a half. He must maintain his fake blindness to stay alive.

I love the premise. I really really love the premise. I also like most of the twists and turns. My only question is how the trio expected to get paid. It seems like a hard scheme to pull off and they would have to release Akash before they can get any money at all. It's unlikely that they would agree to it but I'm willing to let that go. With a premise like this, every turn needs to be clean and tight. That turn needs a little cleaning. I would also keep the reveal of Akash's blindness to a bit later in the movie. This is still a good twisty thriller.

Reviewed by classicsoncall9 / 10

"What is life? It depends on the liver."

For those contemplating watching this movie, don't be misled by the tag underneath the title here on IMDb, or the Storyline that describes the protagonist Akash (Ayushmann Khurrana) as a blind pianist. Even a lot of the reviews say he's a blind pianist, but it's not the case that he's blind until well into the story. But it's so easy to believe he's blind because the actor Khurrana is so skillful at portraying a character who can't see. In fact the first time it's revealed that he CAN see, the tenor of the picture turns from a fairly serious romantic drama into a hilariously outrageous story that you'll have trouble believing. Not that this would have any remote chance of happening in real life, but it's pulled off like it might be able to, and that's where the fun resides.

For all of the story's twists and turns, I had a hard time trying to find a plot hole or flaw in the picture. You could point to one of the near final scenes in which Akash explains what happened when the doomed rabbit hit Simi's (Tabu) car window, because he WAS blind by then, but he would have learned of it in some manner, so I'm willing to concede a little on that point. Where I'm definitely at a disadvantage is in not having an Indian background, because in reading some of the other reviews, some nuance and perspective is laid out that definitely adheres to that nationality. But from where I'm coming from, this was one of the most uniquely creative stories I've ever seen, which is something hard to come by after watching and commenting on a few thousand movies.

The best part of it all though has to be that very last second of the movie when Akash departs the French restaurant and leaves Sofie (Radhika Apte) to contemplate what might have been. Instinctively I had a feeling that his sight was restored, but it was the Keyser Söze manner in which it was revealed that proved the icing on the cake. I'm tempted to watch the movie all over again, but I know I'll never be as surprised again as I was the first time. If that sounds like a recommendation, take it for what it's worth and catch this movie.

Reviewed by ThomasDrufke8 / 10

Like a Soap Opera Directed by Quentin Tarantino

I'm honestly not even sure how to begin reviewing this movie. The best way I can describe it is a fantasy-mystery-black comedy-musical-adventure-epic. Does that sound like something absolutely ridiculously insane? Well it is. Andhadhun focuses on a *blind* pianist who *witnesses* a deadly crime and is forced to report it to authorities, and things go awry after several reveals/double crosses that lead to a third act so extravagantly convoluted that it's actually quite awesome. Am I being vague enough for you? This is like a soap opera, in the vein of Pulp Fiction, with a dash of La La Land & Seven Pounds, inspired by Fargo, and directed by Quentin Tarantino. If that doesn't sell you then I don't know what will. Seriously, just watch it.


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