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Antonio Banderas as Pancho Villa
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Lady_Targaryen7 / 10

Cool film based on one of the most prominent Mexican Revolutionary generals.

The Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa needs money to fund his war against the current government in Mexico and also against the American federals who try to steal Mexico's oil and other Natural Richness, as well to add Mexico's lands to US. Pancho also knows that he is not well seen in US because of the press campaign against him, so he decides to invite many studios to shoot his battles and his life, in order to raise money for financing guns and ammunition and also for people to get a better impression of his attitudes.

The Mutual Film Corporation sends Frank Thayer and a film crew to make a deal with Pancho and to start shooting. Thayer stays fascinated with Pancho, and after the failure of Thayer's initial footage, he convinces Aitkin to invest even more money in a second attempt,with a longer and more personal movie about Pancho's life.

I personally enjoyed this movie a lot. I randomly choose this movie to watch to practice my Spanish, but I am glad I did it! I am not much familiar with Pancho Villa's story to know if the movie is accurate or not, but I liked to see a movie with a different story from a different hero that is not very famous outside Mexico. And It was good to see a movie portraying Mexico's side of the story for a change.

I think Antonio Bandeiras is great in his role( and it was good to see him talking in Spanish as well!),rude and soft at the same time, and I believe that this movie has one of his best performances.

Such a pity that this movie didn't get the much wider viewing audience that it deserves!

Ps: I stayed curious to watch the original movie from Pancho Villa from the 20's. Does anyone knows if it is really lost?

Reviewed by steve_b338 / 10

A revolutionary history

As the blurb puts it - a story so must be true.... Set during the Mexican revolution of 1914 its the story of revolutionary hero Pancho Villa and his rather shrewd manipulation of the media - the Mutual Film Company led by the ever marvellous Jim Broadbent are contacted by Villa and offered to film the struggle.Star director DW Griffiths thinks its a great idea and Broadbent's nephew Frank Thayer(Eion Bailey) is dispatched south of the border with a bag containing $25 000 in gold as payment.Villa(Antonio Banderas) soon has them filming during actual battles and inspiring Frank with his dreams of a free Mexico. They return with the film but its fairly amateurish and gets laughed off screen - Frank somehow persuades his uncle to part with even more money and this time use actors like Raoul Walsh to play Villa and add some artistic licence to proceedings. There follows a very funny scene where Boradbent gets Villa to agree to only fight during the day(when they can film) and if they miss any battles to re-enact them for the cameras - Villa is appalled at the liberties taken with his lifes story but Frank explains its what the audience wants to see and will help his cause no end - something he needs as William Randolph Hearst's press empire is starting a campaign to get the US to invade Mexico to protect America's lifeblood - Oil.

Its a great little movie - made by HBO its a TV movie but Bruce Beresford directs as if its for the big screen - epic adventure,lavish battles and romance all intermingle to great effect - Banderas is excellent as Villa - a bit of a ham who is far more savvy than he lets on - the scene where he plays himself as the aged El Presidente is priceless - it doesn't shy away from the cruelties of both sides either - in fact this cruelty is what finally drives the friendship between Frank and Villa apart - although the way its used in the final film is a more than ironic touch. Fine support from Broadbent and Alan Arkin as a machine-gunning Brooklyn Jew add to the rounded cast and its picked up a really good reputation on DVD and its easy to see why......

Reviewed by ma-cortes6 / 10

Antonio Banderas makes an insightful portrayal of the Mexican revolutionary leader

The film chronicles about the title role,the Mexican bandit and guerrilla leader, with broadened focus on the filming his life and actual war.Mexican revolutionary urges funds to finance the battles against the Huertas government.Great director D.W.Griffith(Colm Feore)sends Frank Thayer(Eion Bailey)and crew as Raoul Walsh(Kyle Chandler) pull off the shooting the events around Pancho Villa.Thayer converts annoyed and disappointed by the rebel.

This vibrant film an uneven rehash of Pancho Villa legend including strong violence,profanities,epics battles and bloody scenes. Antonio Banderas plays the famous and rowdy bandit,he is perfect in title role.Remainder casting is frankly well:Alan Arkin,Colm Feore(Griffith),Michel McKean,Kyle Chandler..Another films about Villa feats are : the classic ¨Viva Villa¨with Wallace Beery,forever belongs this role;¨Villa¨with Rodolfo Hoyos and Brian Keith; ¨Villa riders¨with Yul Brynner,¨Pancho Villa¨with Telly Savalas and Clint Walker.

The picture is based on true events,thus : Pancho Villa born in Chihuahua with the name Doroteo Arango,from his peasant upbringing he became an outlaw in his youth and adopted the name Francisco Villa from another outlaw.He played a leading role in the Mexican Revolution(1910-1920),winning many victories (as Torreon battle narrated in the film).For a time Villa,who seemed in line for leadership of Mexico,enjoyed the agreeable interest of the United States government;but William Randolph Hearsts media empire's press campaign against him and USA authorities then dropped Villa and supported his rival,Carranza.Villa's resentment resulted in the revenge raid on Columbus(deeds narrated in another films but no here) by General Pershing's column.Unable to suppress Villa by force,the Mexican government purchased his retirement from the political arena as a weary, disillusioned political liability with a handsome pension and large estate.Villa was assassinated in 1923 when gunmen ambushed his car.

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