An Autumn's Tale

1987 [CN]

Drama / Romance

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Yun-Fat Chow as Samuel Pang
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by OllieSuave-00710 / 10

A beautiful romantic drama from Hong Kong!

In this Hong Kong Film Award winner (equivalent to an Oscar) for best picture, actress Cherie Chung stars as Hong Kong native Jennifer who moves to New York City to study for her Master's and reunite with her boyfriend Vincent (Danny Chan Bak-Keung). There, she meets distant relative Samuel Pang (Yun-Fat Chow),a street smart and wise-talking waiter-by-day and gambler-by-night, who helps Jennifer settle within her new life chapter. After Jennifer discovers Vincent was being unfaithful, Pang comes to the rescue and an unlikely and special bond forms.

First of all, the cinematography by David Chung and James Hayman was stunning, brilliantly capturing the breeze, essence and falling leaves of autumn season and the busy, yet sometimes moody, atmosphere of New York City. I especially liked Pang's apartment pad situated under the darkness near the Brooklyn Bridge. You will get an instant feeling of the lifestyles of New Yorkers and the city's rich and poor surroundings.

The screenplay by Alex Law and Chi-Yeuh Low was captivating as it makes you eager to follow the story and has moments that capture your heart, including the parts where Jennifer tries to make up to Pang for her childish behavior after her break-up with Vincent and when Pang helps culture-shocked Jennifer get adjusted to life in New York. The chemistry between the two are touching.

In addition to the drama and romance, there are bits of humor, sweetness and lightheartedness in the story and make you appreciate the film and enables you to relate to the characters. Also, Lowell Lo's music score is charming, Mabel Cheung's direction is solid and the overall acting is superb. True talent is depicted here as Chow Yun-Fat, known for his action films, can pull off real drama, and Cherie Chung's acting is simply to the greatest degree.

I don't want to reveal the story too much, except to conclude that this is more of a movie where a woman meets a man and a special relationship forms. There are enough plot twists and surprises to make this a very distinguished tale.

Grade A

Reviewed by madbird-6124310 / 10

Classics of love story, Hong Kong made

Super casting. Marvellous acting. Beautiful exotic scenery. Excellent plot. Nowhere for complaint. Classic for the Hong Kong people.

Times go by. The female lead lost her husband. Danny, the second male lead, mysteriously died of overdrinking decades ago unfortunately. YF Chow is still active in movies at his age. He can be seen in street, underground railway, hiking route and virtually everywhere in Hong Kong. He looks young and fit. He is not only a movie icon, but actually a model for meaningful living for Chinese worldwhile.

Reviewed by Ishallwearpurple8 / 10

Sweet Romantic Story

Chow Yun-Fat as "Figurehead(Figgy)" goes to the airport in his awful car with the broken door and his loud buddies, to meet his distant cousin Jennifer from Hong Kong. She is a shy, refined young woman who is nonplused by this group and the rundown neighborhood and her awful apartment they take her to, which Figgy thinks is first class. Doesn't it have a gas refrigerator? Isn't there a phone in the hall? Just ignore the trains that rumble outside the window every so often. So begins a sweet love story of two opposites who learn to see the other person in new ways.

Figurehead at first says all women are "choable"(trouble) mainly Jennifer. Jennifer thinks Figgy is a gambler who gets into fights and will never change. Their growing understanding and appreciation for each other makes a first rate romantic tale.

Cherie Cheung and Chow are both very believeable and Make you care about these characters. Watch it and see for yourself.

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