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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Cheetah7772 / 10

Count the number of "Like" she say's.

Just a young girl telling random lines supposedly about herself. Non coherent structure and every sentence contains at least one "like". The other thing she thinks is funny is using the F-word a lot.

Example: "I was like going to a bar, and they were like yeah come in, and I was like F-yeah."

She needs a lot of practice because the stuff she is telling at the stage is not even funny to her. Her expressions are forced or faked. Yhe show might be funny if you are 12, otherwise nah. That is not funny in my opinion. If this is the future of comedy my oh my.... Well F her show: Watch something else. If you decide to watch it: count how many times she uses the word "like" ...

Reviewed by lisahbabe1 / 10

Don't bother

I was channel surfing and this came up in between adverts. I've not got a clue who she is. The adverts would of been more entertaining. It was embarrassing, I actually felt embarrassed for her as nothing she said was funny at all and the audience clearly weren't impressed.

Reviewed by helenesovig1 / 10

I have heard most of these jokes before and the rest can be found on google

So many of these jokes have been stolen from less famous comedians and even large youtubers. The fact that this woman is one of the most famous female comedians in America sadness me. She is not only getting a do-whatever-you-want-pass from some feminists in the name of feminism, only for being a slightly overweight, self-proclaimed feminist woman, but is also damaging the reputation of female comedians in general. This nauseating show is so full of plagiarist material it surprises me that it's even legal. I'm done. Hope she tries harder in the future.

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