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Reviewed by svtec7 / 10


What is it with Broward County Florida? This place is constantly in the news for some kind of belligerent behavior..

Seems like a pretty fun place to be though. Sun, opioids, strip clubs, beaches, babes, etc..

As for the documentary.. Pretty solid, definitely worth the watch. The whole pain clinic thing is wild to me, seems like it shouldn't have ever been legal in the first place (but maybe I'm just missing something?)..

Good cast of "characters", I mean that is what they are in this really!

Because I have to hit the required amount of characters, I just want to mention I was the first to rate (and review)!

Reviewed by dayna-076561 / 10

Glorifying White Supremacist

On the surface this seems like an interesting documentary, HOWEVER, about 20 mins in you get the distinct feeling the film makers are not so much interested in the devastation the opioid crisis caused as they are about pumping up the main "character"- avowed white supremacist Chris George. If you can stomach the disrespect and get to the end, you'll get to see a nice 10 min snippet about a completely unremorseful Chris starting new businesses after leaving prison. Clueless filmmaking at its worst, wish I could give it zero stars. I really really hope that they didn't completely throw their journalistic values in the garbage by paying that criminal for the rights to tell this garbage story of nepotism covered in white privilege.

Reviewed by billsoccer8 / 10

The Nazis weren't the only ones who didn't subscribe to personal responsibility

Very interesting documentary about some of the major players in the oxycodone scandals of the late 2000s. We are introduced to twin brothers Chris and Jeff George, who were constantly bailed out of trouble by their father, while they were growing up. The father at the end simply shrugs his hands and wonders why they turned out that way!

The brothers concoct a scheme for pain management systems, in which people could come in and with little to no checks and balances, they receive an enormous amount of pills, including oxycodone. With ta wink to CYA (cover your ass),the doctors prescribe pills in a matter of minutes. This, of course led to people from states 1000 or more miles away driving there to obtain the pills which soon were sold on the black market.

Eventually, the businesses started crumbling as the feds got interested. It was very interesting watching how little remorse there was on anyone's part. Excuses such as 'we're just little people, they need to go after big Pharma', 'I didn't make these people do what they did I just ran a business'. And of course there is a small amount of truth in that as big Pharma was allowed to ignore the millions of pills being sold out of these outlets until that couldn't even be hid anymore.

Of course, the withdrawal of the oxycodone Market led to people doing fentanyl and heroin and that scourge. And the people responsible are mostly out of jail and continuing their will healed lives.

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