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Reviewed by breannalynnklein2 / 10

Empty movie

I literally waited an hour and a half for something to happen besides just two hot women brushing against each other here and there. I don't know---maybe some romantic lines and passion exchanged between the two of them. Maybe some sex. Maybe some banter, flirting. I was waiting for the boss and her partner to break up so the boss could get with Ali's wife after they broke up. Nope. Nada. Nothing. By the way, why did all of their exchanges happen in the bathroom?

Instead, I wasted one and a half hours watching nothing happen. There was no drama. The characters had no growth. There was no progression in the movie and there was NO FREAKING PLOT. I LAUGHED MY ASS OFF AT THE ENDING TOO. All I watched was a man's pizza business get run down by insensitive customers and his unprofessional responses which contributed to the downfall of his business. Then I watched the main character (this movie is so terrible I don't remember any of their names) develop a better taste of fashion, but I watched her grow more and more passive/silent at her true feelings. The only act that coincided with something that resembled a true feeling was the ending when she went back with her ex.

It seems the movie's focus was on looks and how hot the women were. I really see nothing else with it. The actors and actresses seemed platonic, stoic, and without passion/drama--- something that is well needed in the entertainment industry. I am surprised it even made it to Netflix.

Reviewed by kedaz1 / 10

Literally the worst movie I've ever seen

Literally the worst movie I've ever seen. Offensive on so many levels. This movie is not a lesbian film. It's a lesbian-as-predator film. It's disgusting. I'm offended. It's literally the most offensive movie that I've ever seen in 40 years on this planet. It's a disgusting film that only the most conservative person would enjoy. Even then, the conservative person would probably wonder why they wasted their time on this foolish, horrid movie. I was rather excited when I started watching the film, then I started laughing because I thought it might be a badly acted lesbian film. Turns out that it's an anti-lesbian film. I had been live tweeting as I watched and urging my 1000+ followers to watch, but once the film finished I deleted all my tweets and urged everyone to avoid the film. Screw you. Worst movie ever.

Reviewed by nuggit-o3 / 10

Weak themes, embarrassing script

I kept in mind as I watched that this was not a pro-lesbian movie, or even necessarily an anti-lesbian movie. It sounded to me like a movie where a woman (fashion designer! how cool!) is in a bad work situation where her boss is hitting on her inappropriately.

Indeed, that's what it was. I found the premise interesting and that's what I got... sort of. What made this movie bad was:

  • it was unconvincing and unrealistic

  • seemed like it wanted to make a point or follow a theme (traditional vs modern, sexuality, fidelity, family, racial tensions) but they were scattered and weak

  • pointless scenes and conversation

  • none of the characters seem to matter

  • embarrassingly flat script, most regrettably at the "climax" of the film

and another point, which I'm not sure is good or bad:

  • unabashed focus on hot model-looking women and their high fashion outfits, even with side characters

I have to say, there were a lot of beautiful dresses and outfits here. It is the strongest element in the entire movie, and I found it enjoyable. They could have trimmed this movie into a clothing catalog and I would have liked it. This point bumped it from a 2 to a 3 for me. The Iranian decor and Iranian lines tossed throughout were cool, too. That was about it.

Honestly, it felt like I was watching The Room, but a fashion themed one with much less sex (which I am fine with--I'm not sure this movie could have handled sex gracefully either). I'm not much of a movie snob but I felt like turning it off after 15 minutes. Maybe I should have. But I decided to write a review instead.

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