Amber Alert


Action / Drama / Thriller

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Alaina Huffman Photo
Alaina Huffman as Amber Cross
Kyle Mac Photo
Kyle Mac as Callum McGill
Cameron Brodeur Photo
Cameron Brodeur as Oliver Cross
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by phd_travel9 / 10

Clever well written thriller

Clever story! The writing of this story is way above average for a TV movie let alone Lifetime movie thriller. Could have been a feature film. A hostage negotiator deals with a man who kidnaps a bus full of kids. But the kidnapper has a justification, kind of. His cancer stricken mother was denied an insurance payout for a rare illness so he wants the evil insurance company to pay the ransom. There is some commentary about the insurance business.

Alaina Huffman is beautiful and convincing at the same time - a rarity.

The dialog is well written and the ending is clever and satisfying all things come together and any plot holes are filled.

Reviewed by pie-783511 / 10


This is such a load of rubbish I don't know where to start.

No hostage situation has a free for all operational policy as this film portrays.

The female cop proving divorced females are as good as men. The SWAT team working independently, individual civilians doing whatever they choose.

This film reminded me of the old Batman series years ago when Batman telegraphed what was going to happen in his script.

It has some entertainment value but this went when the Peanut allergy became the topic of concern.

Reviewed by rsmithkorn1 / 10

Another movie that stigmatizes mental illness

Yet another movie that demonizes people with mental illness, specifically borderline personality disorder, while ignoring the actual reality regarding the illness. Movies such as this contribute to the violence displayed against people with bpd by both the general public and the medical field.

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