Altered Skin


Action / Horror / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dy384933 / 10

Not a horror movie

Not a good movie to watch for especially the title of the movie first suggests me of a zombie movie but it is a changing skin movie that is altered the movie has no horror in it.

Reviewed by ArminN6 / 10

Conspiracy featuring zombie horror as backdrop to a relationship drama

I can appreciate what the filmmakers were trying to do here: combine elements of a zombie horror film with those a conspiracy movie and of the story of a husband desperately trying to save his wife, all set against an unusual, if not exotic, backdrop: Orangi Town, which is near Karachi, the capital of Pakistan, and has the dubious distinction of being the largest slum in the world.

But somehow I felt the various elements diluted instead of complementing each other: there was some zombie horror, but not enough to compete with more usual zombie fare and it almost felt "added on"; the conspiracy story was so-so (my gold standard for conspiracy movies is those 70s paranoid thrillers like "Parallax View" and "3 days of the the Condor", from which this film could have taken some lessons),and the various flashbacks to highlight the husband's relationship with his wife (who is in a coma for most of the movie) tended to grind the movie to a halt.

Indeed, what probably hurts the movie most is its slow pace. It is less then 80 minutes long but feels longer. I have the impression that the director wanted to give it a bit of a contemplative air, but it did not work.

Also, while there were some nice aerial shots of Orangitown (leading me to believe that the director wanted it to be quasi like a character itself in the movie),the cinematography was largely uninspired.

This had the potential to be a much better movie, but the IMDb rating as of this writing (3.2) is totally undeserved.

Reviewed by rossboyask-17 / 10

Indie Infection-Horror Conspiracy Thriller

The Pakistan locations provide an exotic backdrop for this effective infection/"zombie" horror thriller. There are some impressive special effects on display, and the cast are great.

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