Alpine Fire

1985 [GERMAN]


Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright78%
IMDb Rating7.110913


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Holy-410 / 10


This is a really interesting movie with an open end. For me, Johanna Lier, who played Belli, did a great job and made this movie really good.

Reviewed by dinimueter9 / 10

One of the best Swiss films

"Hoehenfeuer" intimately shows the powerful and sad story of a family in the Swiss alps, living far from the next village, and its deaf son who not only feels trapped in his lack of hearing but also in the narrow-minded context of the family.

Its beautiful camera shows the alps how they really are (or at least were): the old snow, the sleeping trees, the cold, wet air, the hard life.

The film is gnarled like the old trees standing there and looking at what these poor people do, how the story inevitably goes where it has to go.

If you say "drama in the winter alps", I say "Hoehenfeuer" for sure.

Reviewed by johray-plus10 / 10

Swiss masterpiece

No, I'm not into Heimatfilm!!! The more I'm delighted by finding this masterstroke by Fredi Murer. A film that can't be compared to anything I've yet. The swiss alps are home and place of this drama. Bub and Belli are sisters and they fall in love; mostly cause there is no one else to fall in love with on their father's farm. The actors do amazing work on their difficult characters while the whole setting is beautiful and depressing at once... Even humor isn't completely lacking in this drama!

A film that produces unforgettable moods and scenes....

Watch it!!!

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