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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca2 / 10

A chore

Keoni Waxman spent around a decade shooting cheap Steven Seagal movies in Eastern Europe so it's no surprise to find him shooting this even cheaper sci-fi effort in the Czech Republic. It's an awful little film, slow and dull throughout and with a plot so ridiculous that I had no real idea of what was going on. Alien abduction is mixed up with the usual bad guy action with Randy Savage showing up as a heavy for a lame fight scene or two. Denise Richards is becoming unrecognisable at this point and it's one of those films that's a chore to sit through.

Reviewed by Snootz2 / 10

Believe the negative reviews

Despite the occasional glowing 8-10 star reviews, believe the negative reviews. This movie is pure tripe. It's very obviously not based on a true story-- it's as fanciful as they come. This is basic alien abduction with quite a bit of fictional nonsense thrown in for good measure.

While it maintains an air of mystery 2/3 of the way through (making one think it might wind up being a good movie),the last third is a nonsensical, ridiculous premise that one would have to be uber-gullible to believe. The explanation is convoluted, absurd, and ties nothing together.

In short, this is simply a poorly-made movie that relies on a claim of being a true story-- and Denise Richards-- to carry the film. This lacks all the elements of a well-made film. I don't often give a film 2 stars unless it's really bad, but this didn't deserve 3. Alien UFO abduction / whatever cow plop.

Reviewed by maggieverdejo3 / 10

Something missing.......and too many questions left unanswered

I'm not sure what was going on in this movie. Yes the plot is main character Martin who is looking for his daughter Terri while hiding from secret UN agents, lead by Bowie. Martin then seeks help from Johanna and Lance, a secret Alien society who are studying all the phenomena. But there are questions not answered.

Martin just seems angry most of the movie and at times is overdone. Then Lance who has been hiding in the woods for a few years from Bowie and his high intelligent group. But how is it possible Lance has never been tracked by his ex coworker? Now let's go back to Martin - who should be in real life Milan? Or was Milan played by Lance? If Martin is portraying Milan, then this explains the expensive cars, amazing cottage, exclusive apartment/loft, his secret job we never know-what-type-of-company he works for. But Martin seems confused and lost until end of movie, when the Alien explains most of everything. Which is his memory had been erased......?

So what's confusing before and after Alien and Martin encounter.......well there is the plane at beginning which looses control and is going down, the women holding the baby committing suicide yet she appears throughout the entire movie (is this suppose to be Johanna/Anna?),the swirl (so the swirl was not an Alien message?),one of the secret agents seems to be boyfriend of Terri (which we see at the end),then at the end of movie was Johanna/Anna leaving again with the Aliens?, the alien world (so did Martin teleported to space?),did Martin and Terri get a second chance at end of movie? (the movie ends with the same scene Martin and Terri we first see them in),and was Bowie transported to an Alien world? Could Bowie had been a hybrid human? Finally, if (again) this is based on a true story, does it mean that Milan has/had a half alien daughter?

Way too many questions of which are not answered. It seems Director wants audience to create their own perspective, but it just becomes a lot of work and disappointing to watch.

Movie is creative but not so great projected visually. I fell asleep one hour after, had to rewind to view again what I missed

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