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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ComedyFan20107 / 10

A sweet growing up comedy

I have absolutely no idea who the actors and director of the movie are (although they seem to have a very impressive resume on IMDB) so I didn't have any kind of expectations for this movie.

I ended up enjoying it. I liked the chemistry between the actors. And they portrayed how young people act and talk very realistically (sure it may upset some SJWs but this is how real life is). The story about friends distancing each other when changes come to their lives is something everyone can connect to and it is done very well.

My only issue was that I couldn't feel for Mackenzie in this story. She was the one who didn't make sense to me. I still don't get why she took so long to tell her best friend that she is lesbian. Because Cassie couldn't guess it herself? Why would she? She has no gaydar and somebody being stereotypical lesbian isn't necessarily a lesbian. So I could understand her that she was upset to be left out by the person who one would thing would confide in her first. Also why was Mackenzie upset her parents took it so well? Yes, I don't get her. But still their friendship was [presented very well, and even if I wouldn't be friends with one of them I can see how connected they are.

Another thing is that I didn't get why parents were less informed about internet or google. People their age used internet most of their adult lives. It isn't the same as parents in 2001 for whom it was new. And Mackenzie didn't know tumblr, whaaat? But these were just minor details that one can ignore and laugh about.

So all in all it was a good movie. Entertaining and engaging.

Reviewed by leftbanker-11 / 10

Consistently Insipid from Start to Finish (so it has that going for it)

I should preface many of my reviews by saying that I swear that I'm not out to be snarky; I just want to remember how bad these movies are so that I don't somehow forget and try to watch them again.

With a few small changes this could be a hilarious horror movie parody called "Escaped Project from a Sophomore Film Class." Or maybe it's from gender studies…is that even a thing? But alas, they don't have enough of a sense of humor to se this potential so what this really turned out to be was "Girls, The Movie" which was "Sex and the City for Younger Idiots." I couldn't imagine people that I could care even less about, even less than the self-centered nitwits from Girls.

Can film makers please stop making us read text messages in movies? Just send me the entire film in the form of a Tweet to save me the effort and time of fast-forwarding through this snorer. There wasn't a single scene that didn't make me uncomfortable because it was stupid.

Bad music, bad acting, and scenes of young dorks doing stuff that only morons do. Seriously, who has ever played beer pong except dorks? Seriously, parents should explain to their children that drinking alcohol is a big part of adult life so don't turn it into a children's game.

And then there is their lame-ass "newfound" sexuality. You just know that gay,lesbian, trans-gender, or straight they are really lousy at it and they would rather jerk-off on their cell phones than get naked with anyone. And having a gay guy as your personal pet is just the coolest thing in the world, just like on SATC.

Reviewed by thekarmicnomad7 / 10

Simple but great

The strong friendship between two young women is tested as their lives take different paths.

I am a real sucker for these feel good, coming of age type movies.

I loved this one a lot. The main characters are a little older than is standard for this genre but does ring true with the arrested development of the younger generation.

This makes a lot of fun things that have become clichés for being clichés. Like for instance: parents reactions over hearing their child is gay.

The story has a lot of standard elements but has enough kinks to keep it interesting - some of the characters "get away" with being quite ghastly but are till endearing.

The chemistry between the two female leads really makes this film. Unfortunately the scenes with the male lead didn't work for me. Somehow the actors just didn't gel.

Nothing massively funny or deep here, just good-hearted, humorous, feel good viewing.

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