All That Breathes

2022 [HINDI]


Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh100%
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IMDb Rating7.410528

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ilftethh10 / 10


Loved this film . Everything about it.

Two brothers along with their family in Delhi devote their lives to the rescue and rehabilitation of Black Kites , magnificent raptors, that are literally 'falling out of the sky' . The kites along with humans and all species that live in the city are trying to adapt to the ever worsening conditions of what is home. The family lives and works in the vicinity of 'perhaps the largest landfill aka garbage dump' in the world' The film takes us through the day to day life and work of the brothers and their passionate commitment to caring and repairing the many broken birds that are collected daily.

Beautiful directing. Cinematography was spell binding. So respectful.

I feel so inspired and moved by the compassion and love of these people. Having done a lot of wildlife rescue myself I can only feel gratitude for these people who work with SO much less and yet make such a colossal difference. Beautiful work. Thank You .

Reviewed by annettedesoto10 / 10

Philosophy and love wage war against ecological devastation

Some absolutely gorgeous cinematography and a poignant story of a family dedicated to saving injured predator birds amidst the pollution and political upheavals in Delhi. Sen forces the viewer to slow down and consider the natural world that coexists with the seemingly indifferent forces of urban spaces. And Nadeem, Saud, and Salik share their philosophy and way of life as they commit their lives to creatures who many in their society would otherwise leave to die. Haunting and beautiful.

Reviewed by jamie-314-8013219 / 10

What constitutes heroism?

Aristotle argued that tragedy cleansed the heart through pity and terror, purging us of our petty concerns and worries by making us aware that there can be nobility in suffering. He called this experience 'catharsis'.

Can a powerfully-told story change us, open pathways to being more than bleeding-heart/cold-hearted bystanders? Even a little? This masterful work digs deep, presenting images that i for one will never forget (nor would want to). If any work can be truely, soul-stirringly cathartic, this gorgeous, and excruciating account of a profoundly heroric family may be among the pantheon of works aiming for no less.

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