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Reviewed by jenrave7 / 10

An Escape room with no exit sign at the end

Like someone else (who hated the film) said in the reviews - it's hard to call it a romantic comedy. But I wouldn't hold it against the film. Neither will I hold against it the fact that the relationship between the male and the female lead was awkward and a bit impassive, because this is the whole point of the story, isn't it? The main character is so caught up in his own reality, which he desperately tries to write (and re-write) better and avoid all clichés, while the real life around him drags him exactly to the spots he so desperately wants to break away from. Throughout the film it becomes clear that despite being remarkably self absorbed, the protagonist is completely oblivious to his own true nature, whichever it may be, and incapable of following his heart, whatever it may desire.

The film questions clichés both within the story and on a meta level, at some moments excessively so. It is no wonder then, that the ending tries to be anything but a cliché, but scratch away every possible story ending and what you are left with is nothing, which is to my opinion what unfortunately happens to this film. The great buildup towards the protagonist finally coming to terms with himself and his deepest, most true self, is cut short, maybe with the hope to let the audience decide which fate they would rather him to have, but in truth, what we are left with is an unresolved riddle of a personality, working hard on discovering itself only to stay in that escape room without finding the exit sign. And leaving us trapped with him.

Reviewed by peggysue4225 / 10

Entertaining enough....

I think a line from the movie sums it up pretty well.... "A bus ride in rush-hour to mediocrity." Plus I hate when movies have such an unsatisfactory ending.

Reviewed by ckmpuj9 / 10

Very unique and witty!

It's not your average rom com, and there are many different things to love about it. I really liked the beginning of the boys friendship introduction. I liked the argument the female lead had at the swings. There is a-lot of powerful things said in this movie. Overall it was worth the watch!

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