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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by wbsimsjr-324054 / 10

Not Aweful, but not completely enjoyable either.

Went into watching it with a open mind; about quality, not subject matter that is, it does appear to be decent. Though, the narrators monotone voice may induce snooziness. I can't honestly believe the estimated 1 million to make this thing. It is simply stock photos and 20th Century CGI. I did appreciate the effort given in correlating historical stories and their similarities between all the 'ancient' religions, but I disconnect when "King James" comes into the picture. How can one do serious historical research on material that has been butchered by English Aristocracy, rogue Popes, and based on a compilation of acceptable material by a Church brought into existence by Rome.....? Once in awhile it comes off the rail as you're watching and it goes into, what I can only call 'screen saver mode' displaying "Alien Gods" for what seems like forever. By the halfway point it was time for a snack, and as we sat down to resume everyone agreed it had explained itself enough and I turned it off.. Honestly I'd rather spend the time watching "Battlestar Galactica" or "Ancient Aliens", for a dose of the alien origin theory..

Reviewed by rlewisgarnett2 / 10

Poor attempt at important information

Read Zecharia Sitchen and watch Ancient Aliens instead of this tripe. Fails miserably at world view, too focused on Judeo-Christian view. Teases toward important, then falls to pedestrian. The narrator doesn't even pronounce the terms correctly, such as Nefilim and Sumer. I suffered through twenty minutes before turning it off.

Reviewed by mariuchka1 / 10

Propaganda for Snake Worship

This is all that I got from this. Propaganda for snake worship; he's saying that human beings all were created by reptile god beings or snake gods (reptilian). Ancient Aliens has much more information and is more fun to watch than this. This is just downright creepy with all the snakes and the single minded narrow mind of the narrator. He has a very vivid imagination who's ancient artifacts; many of the things in the beginning made a little sense but once he got into the reptilians he stayed with it and dhut his mind to other optins. I think he's just rooting for the snake people. I could do nothing but chuckle at this. Very poorly put together by the guy who's convinced that we come from snakes or a reptiles. Perhaps some do but I think there's many other beings that created the human race not just one. Just ask the Peiladians. :D kidding :)

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