Airplane Mode


Action / Comedy

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh96%
IMDb Rating2.5105729

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by NoMercyBerserker1 / 10

Please for your own sake don't watch that disgusting thing...

I have seen many movies in my Lifetime,that thing i watched cause I don't want to even a call it a movie was possible the worst thing i have ever seen in my life,no plot no comedy no nothing it was a big nothing!A very cringe and garbage movie you must not watch for sure...

Reviewed by johannes2000-12 / 10

Lame and childish.

The reputation of Logan Paul, combined with the pictures en the description on the cover of the dvd, made it very clear that I was in for an extremely corny jackass-like vehicle. Well, at times you feel yourself just in the mood for something like that, and I had faint hopes that a very nowadays social-media hero like Logan Paul would add something extra, something new or different or daring.

In spite of these very modest expectations and an occasional chuckle here and there, it turned out as a big disappointment. Not so much because it was even cornier than I had imagined, these 80 long minutes of lame high-school humor of the most childish sort. But mainly because it's so terribly out-dated and has-been, it's like looking at "Airplane" from some 30 years ago, which in those days in fact really was innovative and something totally different (and very funny to boot!). While there's nothing bold or innovative about this "Airplane Mode", it's just one overlong chain of cheap old-fashioned platitudes. Totally superfluous, I would say.

Reviewed by ks-605001 / 10

Is it how the movie nowadays can be that bad ?

If it's a comedy, I seldom criticized as long as it has some scene that make people laugh. But this comedy I cannot not say a word. It's super low class joke and not funny at all. Those teens are totally morons and jerks.

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