Agatha and the Midnight Murders


Crime / Drama / Mystery

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Helen Baxendale Photo
Helen Baxendale as Agatha Christie
Jacqueline Boatswain Photo
Jacqueline Boatswain as Audrey Evans
Alistair Petrie Photo
Alistair Petrie as Sir Malcolm Campbell
Scott Chambers Photo
Scott Chambers as Clarence Allen
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bangel33222 / 10

No, just no

I'll give points for the idea, because they could have actually gone somewhere with this storyline. Instead what we got was an uninspiring mess with flaccid characters and an uneven plot. It made it far too obvious who the villain was, you didn't even have to guess. It was just awful. Poor Agatha, they did her dirty. Poor woman must be turning in her grave.

Reviewed by kwenchow1 / 10

A bit mystery, but overall full of boring conversation, and annoying overuse scene! Not recommended!

This film start with an unknown person's finger been cut off for the ring, and a woman "Agatha" talking to a man in the car scene! As turnout, this film is solving the mystery of the death of Frankie! Frankie actually poison by Travis, who want to grab Frankie's money! Entire film full of boring conversation, and super annoying overuse scene! Such as, overuse of the switching left to right angle scene, overuse of the sideways shooting scene, overuse of the arguing scene, overuse of the drinking scene, overuse of the playing dumb scene, and overuse of the searching things scene! Make the film unwatchable! Barely laughable scene is, Jun keep translate wrong of Frankie's speech! At the end, Travis want to poison Agatha, but Agatha already switch the drink! That's it! Another disappointed film!

Reviewed by Tweekums8 / 10

A wartime murder mystery with a theatrical feel

This fictional story features real life authoress Agatha Christie caught up in another murder mystery. She, and a man she has hired as a driver/bodyguard, are in a London hotel where she is to sell the rights to her latest 'Poirot' story to a wealthy Chinese businessman. When the air raid siren is heard a police woman ushers them, and other guests into the building's cellar. Tensions rise when Agatha realises that somebody has stolen the manuscript of her new novel... that is the least of their worries though; soon a fight leaves one man dead and then another man dies... Agatha suspects foul play. If she is right one of the people in the cellar is a killer and nobody is being allowed to leave till the all clear sounds.

This, the third of Channel Five's films imagining Agatha Christie in a murder case, has a somewhat theatrical feel due to the limited locations. This isn't a problem as having a confined location gave the story a good sense of claustrophobia. The people stuck in the cellar were nicely varied, giving us an interesting group of suspects/potential victims. While it is mostly a drama there are humorous moments; I particularly liked difference between what the Chinese man said, in subtitles, and what his translator said he said. The cast does a solid job, notably Helen Baxendale, who has taken over the role of Agatha Christie. The resolution contained some decent twists and turns so only a few are likely to work everything out before the reveal but most are likely to work out some details. Overall a solid murder mystery that fans of the genre are likely to enjoy.

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