After the Fox


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Peter Sellers as Aldo Vanucci
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Victor Mature as Tony Powell
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer7 / 10

A bit uneven, but it's still unique and a lot of fun

Peter Sellers is a real enigma. During his career, he made many brilliant films with amazing characterizations (such as DR. STRANGELOVE, BEING THERE, THE MOUSE THAT ROARED and many others),but he also did a lot of amazingly limp films that he practically slept through (THE FIENDISH PLOT OF FU MANCHU and THE PRISONER OF ZENDA). AFTER THE FOX is unusual in that it isn't exactly brilliant but still is very good. As far as Sellers' performance goes, he did a lovely Italian accent and his character was pretty credible, though despite being the star of the film, he wasn't the standout performer (I think this was actually Victor Mature--doing a wonderful self-parody).

The Fox is a master criminal who escapes from prison rather easily in order to keep his sister out of trouble. At first, he thinks she's become a prostitute, but later he finds she's become (horrors) and actress!! Interestingly enough, his sister is played by Sellers' real-life wife, Britt Ekland and his love interest in the film was played by an unknown (but beautiful) Italian. Once out of prison, he learns about a big caper from Akim Tamiroff--smuggling in millions of dollars worth of gold into Italy. So, inspired by his sister's desire to be a movie star, he decides to make a fake film and use this as the cover to smuggle in the gold--and this is how Victor Mature comes into the film. He plays a parody of himself but is very vain and over the hill--telling everyone he's in his thirties even though he's pushing 60! I loved how he insisted he was so young when it was so obvious he wasn't--especially in the scene where Britt throws herself at him and runs her fingers through his hair--only to have them stained black by hair dye. Plus, he was so full of himself that he was gullible enough to believe he was making an art film when in fact Sellers and his gang obviously had no idea what they were doing.

By the way, how Sellers got all the film equipment was pretty interesting. As the film was directed by Vittorio DeSica, he himself appeared in a small scene. He and his crew were filming some Egyptian epic when suddenly the wind machines turned on at full blast. When they were finally turned off, all the equipment--even DeSica's platform and cameras--were missing--stolen by Sellers' gang.

Throughout the film there were many cute moments, but also towards the end the film did lag a bit and the ending seemed to be a bit of a letdown. I especially became bored with the chase scene and the ensuing courtroom scene. Still, it was original and moderately funny with some excellent performances.

By the way, the film clip we see of a younger Victor Mature in an older black and white film was from EASY LIVING--one of Mature's better films. I suggest you try to find it.

Reviewed by bkoganbing9 / 10

Never Outfox The Fox

After The Fox finds Peter Sellers and his then bride Britt Eklund working in Italy for director Vittorio DeSica. In it Sellers plays a criminal who if he's not quite a master at the crime trade, at least he's not a bumbler like Inspector Clousseau. The laughs Sellers gets in After The Fox come at the expense of others.

A robbery of gold bullion has occurred in Egypt and Interpol is on the case. As we learned in The Lavender Hill Mob, gold bullion is not that easy to transport. Taking on the job of getting it into Europe after he's broken out of jail once again is Peter Sellers.

How to do it? Right out in the open during the course of shooting a movie about a heist. Sellers pretends to be a director and gets the a whole coastal village in on his scheme. After all, who doesn't want to be in the movies?

Part of Sellers plan is to convince over the hill American movie actor Victor Mature to star in his film. After The Fox was Mature's first film in five years, at this point in his life he worked when he felt like it. Mature was one of the least vain of all film stars, how many will say that he's no actor and have 63 pictures to prove it. He looked like he was having a ball satirizing himself and several of his colleagues still pretending they're leading men.

Britt Eklund is Seller's girl friend and Akim Tamiroff is the guy who pulled off the gold heist. Maria Gracia Buccella has an unforgettable part as Tamiroff's sister and 'the bikini trap'. This woman in a bikini makes Sophia Loren look flat-chested. Martin Balsam also has a good role as Mature's exasperated agent.

To see what happens if the budding film director can really smuggle some gold into Italy you have to see After The Fox. It's one of Peter Sellers best films and you've got to love Victor Mature for what he does with his own image here.

Reviewed by mark.waltz7 / 10

Ready! Set! No action!

This delightful artsy caper comedy by Neil Simon joins him with Peter Sellers ten years before "Murder By Death" where a group of thieves (lead by Sellers) get together to film a movie (with Sellers taking on the position of director) while planning a big heist. Matinee idol Victor Mature spoofs his old image (having not had a big hit in years) and delightfully shows that he's still got it. Sellers, badgered by his controlling Italian mama, wants to pretend to at least competent at something honest, and with the law on his trail, he's got a lot of outwitting to try to do.

Mrs. Rossano Brazzi (Lydia) is very funny as Sellers' mother, clonking him over that has every chance he gets because he won't stay around and take care of her like all of her other friends who join her in belittling him. A very funny opening in the desert shows how a truck filled with gold bullion is sidetracked into being stolen. Britt Ekland is definite eye candy, and Akim Tamiroff and Martin Balsam are very funny as well. The gorgeous scenery is another plus, as well as the Burt Bacharach musical score which includes a snappy theme song. 60's mod cinema rarely gets better than this!

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