After All These Years


Action / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled36%
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Wendie Malick Photo
Wendie Malick as Audrey Brandon
Ellie Harvie Photo
Ellie Harvie as Gretchen van Horn
Andrea Martin Photo
Andrea Martin as Anita Dixie
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Laura Soltis as Joan Larabee
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sideshowsuzy-866-8242410 / 10

Wonderful is all I can say

I thought oh here we go another weepy. I couldn't be more pleasantly surprised. It is hilarious and has a great plot. I did figure it out but not until near the end. It was complex enough to keep you interested, and they didn't treat us as stupid, it wasn't made easy for the audience which is really refreshing. You had to listen to get the twists and turns and Wendie Malick could not have been cast more perfectly. I loved her in Frasier and she looks younger now! I think this is worth a watch whether it's on UK Channel 5 or Hallmark or if you hire it. It's a cracking film and a pleasurable way to spend an evening or afternoon. Keep up the great work in producing the best TV movies ever Scott Smith you are the king.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle4 / 10

Hallmark mystery

On their 30th wedding anniversary, Michael Brandon surprises his wife Audrey Brandon (Wendie Malick) by announcing that he's leaving her for his associate Christine Boll. Months later, they are finalizing their divorce when Audrey stumbles upon his husband in the kitchen stabbed to death. She becomes the main suspect as Michael had moved out months earlier. She has solve the case herself.

Wendie Malick is a joy. She tries her best. This murder mystery tries to be comedic. It falls flat and deflates the tension. It's all meaningless as Audrey chases down one character after another. Non of them stand out. It's hard to follow her investigation with people who don't matter and a story without flow. Quite frankly, she needs a investigative buddy and she needs to be smarter. It's a series of information dumps. Hallmark needs to do better.

Reviewed by blanche-26 / 10

they get extra points for naming the characters after people in Billy Wilder films

This is kind of cute, thanks to the performances of veteran stars Wendie Malick, Gregory Harrison, and Andrea Martin.

Malick plays Audrey, who, after a wonderful anniversary party, finds out her husband wants to leave her for another woman. They split up. One night she comes downstairs and finds her husband has not only entered the house, but he's dead with a knife in his stomach. Immediately a suspect and a long-time viewer of Forensic Files and Snapped, Audrey takes off, determined to find the murderer.

Many of the characters are named after characters in Billy Wilder films, such as Sunset Boulevard, Sabrina, Stalag 17, Kiss Me, Stupid, and The Apartment.

It's light, it's amusing, and Gregory Harrison looks great.

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