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Reviewed by wolfheartstarr1 / 10

It was so Bad

The picture was terrible and the faces blurry .I get they wanted to film it like from security cameras ..It just was totally awful and the boyfriend begging her to stay just the whole movie was just bad and the boyfriend acting is as bad as her .It was just horrible and so boring I have not seen a movie this bad in awhile and I normally love movies of found footage but, her acting and his was like they were bored and made to make this awful mess .I love her in walking dead but, this was just terrible ..I wasted my time and money

Reviewed by ScoreHaus9 / 10


What's most unique about this film is it's ability to actually tell a different kind of story in a totally fresh way. It's nothing I've ever seen before. I'm a sucker for a modern psycho-thriller and this little movie really packs the punch I was looking for! What I surprisingly found most compelling was the sadistic love triangle that catapults the film to another level. With so many technological advances in the modern age, it makes you think twice about the possibility of this actually happening to you. It slowly creeps into your psyche until it's got your mind gripped in terror. Definitely worth viewing and discussing with friends.

Reviewed by nogodnomasters1 / 10

Why are they doing this?

George and Alanna go to a cabin in the woods, one that has voyeur cameras set up. The couple has issues as she is going away to school....has another boyfriend there, and had an abortion. The snoop also has access to her cell phone data and baits her.

What could be better than to combine a Cabin in the Woods film with live cams? Just like chocolate and peanut butter. This was no Reese's Cup. They combined pretend characters we didn't like with a boring movie. Why would you set up a shower cam pointed at the head? What kind of voyeur does that?

Guide: F-word. Brief sex. Partial nudity.

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