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Reviewed by johannes2000-13 / 10


Okay, the premise isn't that bad: a group of six friends make a pleasure cruise on a yacht and when in the middle of the ocean they go for a swim, the last one stupidly jumps in the water without hanging down the ladder first, so they cannot get out off the water since the sides of this big expensive yacht are too high to climb.

The major part of the film we see everyone swimming and floating and treading water around the boat, and endlessly bickering, fulminate, swear and calling each other idiots (and worse). Especially the women are constantly on the brink of hysteria, their screaming and shrieking pretty quick gets heavily on your nerves. Unfortunately there is nothing else to distract the viewer, because strangely enough they left out everything that you would expect in such a situation, like sharks attacking or someone getting tangled in the screw of the yacht (to just name a few fun and exciting possible story-lines). Instead of that, we get some lame and unsuccessful attempts to get on board, and for the rest nothing at all happens, just one by one the exasperated and dead-tired floaters succumb, but for the proverbial last girl standing (or better: swimming!).

Here seems to have occurred some strange fault in the editing: we see her at last succeed in climbing on board, more or less on the shoulders of a drowning friend, then a few minutes later jumping overboard again (without lowering the crucial ladder!) and all of a sudden there's the last shot: she's again on board, waving to a nearing other vessel. The end. Huh?!? How did she get on board again without the ladder?? We'll never know. It's typical for the whole production: illogical, unrealistic, and to be honest: just boring.

Reviewed by kritch-777971 / 10

There's an hour and a half of your life you will never get back.

Gave it a single star, it really was THAT bad. The Actors and Actresses were watchable enough, but the plot and direction left so much to be desired. Whilst watching the idiotic film, you just had to realize that the characters had eaten lead paint as kids. Totally dense and illogical and even at the end, the plot was ruined by even more direction stupidity. If a small amount of nudity is all you wanted, use Google. Really, this film is not worth wasting your time on.

Reviewed by joaoramos-247241 / 10


This is a poor remake of an already unexceptional movie. A remake could make sense if there were significant cultural barriers or if the original was based on such old technologies that people wouldn't watch it anymore (like Metropolis - black and white, silent, old timey effects, etc, but still a story that can be made interesting to the public again if presented in a more modern format).

But they didn't remake 1927's Metropolis, they remade an average 2006 movie (itself already a sequel to a very similar and very average movie) which last aired on Portuguese TV's not that long ago. Not only did they not do a good job, but they resorted to what seems to be the reason behind the choice: getting a couple high profile Portuguese actresses to be semi-naked, which invariably attracts Portuguese viewers. It is a cheap shot in too many ways.

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